Wilmington University Speaker Series

Holistic Health—A 360° View

Hosted by the College of Health Professions

Featuring Nationally Renowned Physician and Educator
Robert Abel, Jr., M.D.
Author of The Eye Care Revolution

Discover holistic health—where Eastern and Western medicine, modern and ancient remedies, and traditional and alternative approaches meet to provide solutions for your whole person—body, mind and spirit. Our guide is Dr. Robert Abel, Jr., who will provide insights and tips you can use immediately to improve your greatest gift—your health!

Health Tips from Dr. Abel  

Tuesday, November 10 @ 6:00pm
New Castle Campus, DAC Auditorium

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Dr. Robert Abel

Meet the Speaker

Dr. Robert Abel integrates modern medicine, alternative remedies and natural options in order to connect eye care with general health. His mission is to connect eastern and western approaches to health in order to provide people with holistic solutions to health care and mind-body wellness.

In researching alternative medical practices, he has traveled to India, Nepal, Mexico, Brazil, the Middle East and Europe. Working with an herbalist for 20 years, he has adopted many natural approaches for disease management. Having written more than 120 scientific articles and 20 chapters in medical books, he is also the author of The Eye Care Revolution, The DHA story, The Best Supplements For Your Health, The One Earth Herbal Sourcebook, Lethal Hindsight and the Lumi children's book series.

Among other achievements, Dr. Abel co-founded the alternative medicine curriculum at Thomas Jefferson University where he was a former clinical professor of ophthalmology. He has performed more than 17,000 eye surgeries and helped found three eye banks. He holds patents on artificial corneas and received the senior honor award from the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) where he helped create the Committee for International Ophthalmology.

“Dr. Abel teaches that you are the shepherd of your body, the guardian of your health and that you make a difference. He is a healer for the 21st century and a role model for future physicians.”

Dr. Mehmet Oz, M.D., Columbia University
From his Forward to The Eye Care Revolution

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