Track Your Status

1. Go to WebCampus.

WebCampus is your full-service student portal providing access to Blackboard, Email, Academic records, Course registration, Bill payment and more!

2. Login using your username and password .

You may retrieve your WebCampus login and set your password by clicking the following URL (or typing it into your computer's web browser):

Please click on "New user / Don’t know your username?" and follow the directions. An email will be sent to you with your username, school email address, and a link to set your password. Once in WebCampus, click on document status to view missing documents and documents received by the Admissions or Financial Aid departments.

If you're still having trouble logging in call Technical Support at (877) 708-2905Call

3. Once logged in, click on “Document Tracking” .

Document Tracking is located in the left menu under the Admissions heading.

4. Review the list of missing and received documents.

  • Missing items are listed as "Incomplete" under “Document Status”
  • Received items are listed as "Complete" under “Document Status”

5. Submit outstanding documents

All outstanding documents must be received by the Admissions Department in order for your file to be marked as complete.