College of Arts and Sciences Minors


A minor is a concentrated program of study which enables an undergraduate degree-seeking student to develop a foundation in a second area of study. A minor does not need to be related to a student's major. A student must complete a "Change of Major" form to indicate his or her intent to pursue a minor. Seventy percent of the coursework within a minor must be taken at Wilmington University in order for the student to be credited with a minor. Upon successful completion of the requirements, a notation is placed on the official transcript.

The College of Arts and Sciences has minors in art, drama, math, natural science, literature, and history. The minors range from 15 to 20 credits and individual courses may require pre-requisites. Students wishing to pursue a minor in the College of Arts and Sciences should contact the Student Academic Advising and Success Center.

Art Minor (15 credits)

The art minor would allow students from all majors the opportunity to learn and gain experience in the field of art. A minor in art would give a basis for understanding the development and trends of art throughout history as well as gain basic skills within the field of art.

ART 210 Basic Design (3 credits)

ART 302 Drawing (3 credits)

ART 304 Painting (3 credits)

HIS 230 Available Online History of Art and Design (3 credits)

Choose one (1) of the following:

ART 310 Exploring Art Media (3 credits)

ART 320 Fine Art Illustration (3 credits)

Drama Minor (15 credits)

Students choosing this minor will be exposed to drama as it relates to theater, specifically, and to the media, in general. Individuals interested in this minor will learn the basics of acting, directing, set design, and playwriting. The culminating feature of this group of courses will be a student drama production. Skills learned may be transferred over to the industrial and broadcasting mediums. Drama courses are also partially taught at the Wilmington Drama League’s theater in North Wilmington.

DRA 105 Introduction to the Theater (3 credits)

DRA 110 Acting I (3 credits)

DRA 111 Acting II (3 credits)

DRA 120 Introduction to Directing (3 credits)

Select one (1) of the following:

DRA 200 Playwriting (3 credits)

DRA 220 Performance (3 credits)

History Minor (18 credits)

The minor in history is designed to further a student’s understanding of how human societies evolve as a result of economic, political, cultural, and natural forces. A deeper understanding of human social development may be helpful to those in the behavioral sciences or business fields.

HIS 204 World History (3 credits)

HIS 316 American History (3 credits)

Plus any four (4) of the following:

HIS 300 World and Regional Geography (3 credits)

HIS 301 Women in History (3 credits)

HIS 310 20th Century America (3 credits)

HIS 317 Military History (3 credits)

HIS 320 Global Civilizations (3 credits)

HIS 324 Delaware History (3 credits)

HIS 330 The Holocaust (3 credits)

POL 300 American Politics (3 credits)

Literature Minor (18 credits)

The minor in literature provides students the opportunity for further development of their reading comprehension, critical thinking, and writing skills. A literature minor will consist of a survey and evaluation of several literary genres and would be particularly beneficial to those considering graduate school or other professional degrees.

LIT 201 Available Online  Introduction to Literature (3 credits)

LIT 205 Available Online World/Non Western Literature (3 credits)

LIT 332 Available Online  Major American Writers (3 credits)

LIT 333 Available Online  African American Writers (3 credits)

LIT 443 Available Online Shakespeare's Plays (3 credits)

LIT 445 Available Online British Literature (3 credits)

Mathematics Minor (15 credits)

The minor in mathematics is a useful supplement for degrees in business. In the technology-and data-driven 21st century, quantitative literacy and reasoning skills are increasingly important for personal and professional success. The mathematics minor will increase these skills.

MAT 200 Available Online Precalculus (3 credits)

MAT 302  Principles of Statistics (3 credits)
OR MAT 308 Available Online  Inferential Statistics (3 credits)

MAT 310 Calculus I (3 credits)

MAT 311 Calculus II (3 credits)

MAT 320 Finite Math (3 credits)

Natural Science Minor (19-20 credits)

The minor in natural science provides students from all majors an opportunity to study the natural sciences as a secondary area of interest. A minor in natural science will allow students to focus their free electives in the area of science and is most appropriate for students who have an interest in science or who plan careers in science-based organizations.

SCI 232 Available Online Life and Environmental Science with lab (4 credits)

SCI 305 Available Online Earth Space Science with lab (4 credits)

SCI 312 Available Online Physics with lab (4 credits)

SCI 315 Available Online  Applied Chemistry with lab (4 credits)

Plus any (1) upper level 3 or 4 credit SCI class

This information applies to students who enter this degree program during the 2015-2016 Academic Year. If you entered this degree program before the Fall 2015 semester, please refer to the academic catalog for the year you began your degree program.