Current Athlete Information

Continuing Eligibility

As a student athlete at Wilmington University, you will be required to maintain satisfactory progress towards graduation. Below is a list of some of these requirements.

  • Maintain an average of 12 credits per semester.
  • Declare a major by the beginning of your fifth semester in college and thereafter make satisfactory progress towards that specified degree.
  • Maintain a minimum GPA, per NCAA requirements.
  • Pass a minimum of 6 credits the last full-time semester (spring or fall) prior to the semester of competition

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Study Tables Program

All first-year Wilmington University student-athletes are required to participate in the Study Tables Program. Students must attend two study sessions per week during their first semester of enrollment. After the first semester, attendance at Study Tables will be based on GPA. Any student-athlete whose current GPA is below 2.75 is required to attend study tables. Failure to do so could result in loss of the opportunity to compete.

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