Legal Studies

Bachelor of Science

Suggested Program Sequence


1st Semester 2nd Semester
CTA 206 Available Online Computer Applications
Prereq: None

ECO 105 Available Online Fundamentals of Economics
Prereq: None

ENG 121 Available Online English Composition I
Prereq: Successful completion of ENG 110 (with a grade of a "C") or placement through Accuplacer. Please note the minimum passing grade of ENG 121 is a "C".

ENG 122 Available Online English Composition II
Prereq: A "C" or higher in ENG 121. Please note the minimum passing grade of ENG 122 is a "C"

MAT 205 Available Online Introductory Survey of Mathematics
Prereq: Pass math skills assessment or MAT 110 with a minimum grade of "C".

HUM Elective
PHI 100 Available Online Introduction to Critical Thinking
Prereq: None

SOC 101 Available Online Introduction to Sociology
Prereq: None

PSY 101 Available Online Introduction to Psychology
Prereq: None

Natural Science Elective


1st Semester 2nd Semester
ENG 131 Available Online Public Speaking
Prereq: A "C" or higher in ENG 122.

HUM 361 Available Online Human World Views: 1650 AD–Present
Prereq: None

HUM 360 Available Online Human World Views: 3500 BCE–1650 AD
Prereq: None

LES 403 Civil Procedure
Prereq: ENG 122, LES 220 and LES 314

LES 200 Available Online Legal Ethics
Prereq: ENG 121

LES 316 Legal Writing
Prereq: LES 220, LES 314 and ENG 122

LES 220 Available Online Introduction to Legal Studies
Prereq: ENG 121

MAT 308 Available Online Inferential Statistics
Prereq: MAT 102 or MAT 202 or MAT 205 with minimum grade of “C” or BSN candidate or College of Business completion degree candidate.

LES 314 Legal Research
Prereq: ENG 121 and LES 220

ORG 304 Available Online Survey of Human Dynamics
Prereq: ENG 121


1st Semester 2nd Semester
FIN 301 Available Online Personal Finance
Prereq: ENG 122

or FIN 101 Available Online Financial Literacy
Prereq: None

POL 300 Available Online American Politics
Prereq: ENG 121

or POL 326 Available Online Public Policy and Social Issues
Prereq: POL 300 or LES 316

HIS 316 Available Online American History
Prereq: None

LES 440 Advanced Litigation Skills
Prereq: LES 220, LES 314, LES 316 and LES 403

LES 350 Interviewing & Investigating
Prereq: ENG 122, LES 200 and LES 220

Free Elective
Free Elective Legal Elective
Legal Elective Legal Elective


1st Semester 2nd Semester
LES 480 Available Online Law Office Administration & Technology
Prereq: LES 200, LES 220 and BCS 205 or BCS 206

LES 491 Available Online Capstone: Virtual Experience in Legal Studies
Prereq: DIS 095DIS, Senior status, LES 200, LES 220, LES 314, LES 316, LES 403 and LES 480 or LES 320

Free Elective Free Elective
Free Elective Free Elective
Legal Elective Legal Elective
Legal Elective Legal Elective

This information applies to students who enter this degree program during the 2016-2017 Academic Year. If you entered this degree program before the Fall 2016 semester, please refer to the academic catalog for the year you began your degree program.