Homeland Security

Master of Science

Program Requirements

The Master of Science in Homeland Security requires 33 credit hours. All students must satisfactorily complete six core courses. A total of four courses are chosen from an area of specialized concentration. The final requirement is completing a Capstone project (3 credits)

Course Requirements

The Master of Science in Homeland Security is intended to provide students with the academic capital needed for successful careers in the field. The degree also provides a sound foundation for entry into other professional endeavors and/or the opportunity to meet an intellectual interest in this very challenging field of study.

Core Courses

All students must satisfactorily complete the following core courses:

MHS 7000 Available Online  Contemporary Issues in Homeland Security

MHS 7001 Available Online  Sociology of Terrorism

MHS 7002 Available Online  Legal Aspects and Policy of Homeland Security

MHS 7003 Available Online  Risk Assessment and Management

MHS 7004 Available Online  Crisis Leadership

MHS 7033 Available Online  Research Methods

Information Assurance Concentration

Core Courses

Six courses as listed above

Area Specialization Courses

MHS 7020 Available Online  Capstone

SEC 6010 Available Online  Planning for Information Security

SEC 6025 Available Online  Security Issues Concerning RFID System Technology Applications

SEC 6030 Available Online  Operating System and Computer Systems Security

SEC 6040 Available Online  Web Data Security

Military Leadership Concentration

To be eligible for this concentration, students must have successfully completed the Delaware Leadership Academy sponsored by the Delaware National Guard.

Core Courses

Five core courses as listed above. Students will not be required to take MHS 7004 Available Online.

Area Specialization Courses

DNG 6200  Strategic Leadership and Decision-making

DNG 6300  Military Leadership Skills

DNG 6400  Role of the Guard

DNG 6500  Joint Force Operations

DNG 6600  Leadership project

MHS 7020 Available Online Capstone

Organizational Leadership Concentration

Core Courses

Six courses as listed above

Area Specialization Courses

MGT 6501 Available Online  Organizational Theory and Design

MGT 6503 Available Online  Leadership Development and Change Management

MGT 7400 Available Online  Analysis of Decision Making

MGT 7800 Available Online  Strategy in Organizations

MHS 7020 Available Online Capstone

Safety and Security Concentration

Core Courses

Six courses as listed above

Area Specialization Courses

MHS 7005 Available Online  Border and Transportation Security

MHS 7006 Available Online  Topics in Intelligence

MHS 7007 Available Online  Strategic Planning in Homeland Security

MHS 7008 Available Online  Bio-Terrorism

MHS 7020 Available Online Capstone

Qualifications for Degree

To qualify for the Master of Science in Homeland Security degree, a student must satisfy the fully admitted requirements and complete a minimum of 33 credit hours, maintaining a grade point average of 3.0. The program must be completed within five years. Students may transfer up to six credits from accredited graduate programs completed before matriculation at Wilmington University. This may include graduate studies completed as part of the Federal Bureau of Investigation National Academy, Northwestern School of Police Staff and Command, and similar accredited programs based upon transcript review and the approval of the Program Chair.

This information applies to students who enter this degree program during the 2015-2016 Academic Year. If you entered this degree program before the Fall 2015 semester, please refer to the academic catalog for the year you began your degree program.