Military Studies Minor, Air Force

The Air Force Military Studies Minor is available to ROTC students only. To be eligible for the Air Force ROTC program, students must be enrolled full-time in an existing Wilmington University bachelor’s degree program. The Military Studies minor provides students who complete this series of courses the benefit of receiving academic recognition of their accomplishment. All classes are offered off site in New Castle and Kent County. Interested students should meet with an Academic Advisor.

Note: Students will be held to all course prerequisites.

16 credits


AFS 110 Foundations of the USAF I

AFS 111 Foundations of the USAF II

AFS 150 Leadership Lab for Freshman I

AFS 151 Leadership Lab for Freshman II

AFS 210 Evolution of U.S. Air/Space Power I

AFS 211 Evolution of U.S. Air/Space Power II

AFS 250 Leadership Lab for Sophomores I

AFS 251 Leadership Lab for Sophomores II

AFS 310 Leadership Studies I

AFS 311 Leadership Studies II

AFS 350 Leadership Lab for Juniors I

AFS 351 Leadership Lab for Juniors II

AFS 410 National Security Affairs Society I

AFS 411 National Security Affairs Society II

AFS 450 Leadership Lab for Seniors I

AFS 451 Leadership Lab for Seniors II