Organizational Dynamics

Bachelor of Science



In addition to the University admission requirements, the applicant’s transcript will be evaluated to ensure the background and experiences are present for successful completion of the program.

All students must complete 30 credit hours to include SOC 101 Available Online  , PSY 101 Available Online  , ENG 121 Available Online   and ENG 122 Available Online   prior to taking Organizational Dynamics courses. Students entering this program will have demonstrated a level of academic maturity and experience in organizational settings that should prepare them to take the upper level courses in this program.

General Education Requirements (39 credits)

Computer Operations

3 credits

Critical Thinking

3 credits


9 credits


12 credits


3 credits

Natural Science

3 credits

Social Science

9 credits

(Must include SOC 101 Available Online and PSY 101 Available Online)

The applicant’s transcript must reflect successful completion of

these credits prior to entering the accelerated core of the


Core Courses (36 credits)

These courses must be taken in residence at Wilmington University.

ORG 301 Available Online  Survey of Organizational Dynamics

ORG 302 Available Online  Psychology of Leadership

ORG 311 Available Online  Organizational Behavior, Change and Development

ORG 402 Available Online Applied Organizational Research

ORG 408 Available Online Culture of the Workplace

ORG 433 Available Online  Theoretical View of Organizational Systems

ORG 444 Available Online  Organizational Justice, Ethics, and Social Responsibility

PSY 301 Available Online  Social Psychology OR
PSY 318  Social Change

PSY 302 Available Online Industrial Organization Psychology

PSY 309 Available Online  Interpersonal Communication

PSY 315 Available Online  Group Dynamics

SOC 331 Available Online  Reading, Writing, and Information Literacy in Behavioral Science

Core Electives (9 credits)

Core electives can be taken from any course with the prefix of PSY, SOC, CRJ,

or ORG.

Free Electives (36 credits)

Free electives can be taken from any of the courses offered in the University


Total credits (120 credits)

This information applies to students who enter this degree program during the 2014-2015 Academic Year. If you entered this degree program before the Fall 2014 semester, please refer to the academic catalog for the year you began your degree program.