Accounting & Finance

Bachelor of Science
(Integrated Degree)


General Education Requirements (30 credits)

CTA 226 Available Online Integrating Excel into Business Problem Solving

ECO 101 Available Online Economics I

ECO 102 Available Online Economics II

ENG 121 Available Online English Composition I

ENG 122 Available Online English Composition II

ENG 131 Available Online Public Speaking

HUM 360 Available Online Human World Views: 3500 BCE – 1650 AD

HUM 361 Available Online Human World Views: 1650 AD – Present

MAT 121 Available Online College Math I

PHI 100 Available Online Introduction to Critical Thinking

Humanities Electives (3 credits)

Natural Science Elective (3 credits)

Social Science Elective (3 credits)

Select one course from the following:
PSY 101 Available Online  Introduction to Psychology
SOC 101 Available Online  Introduction to Sociology
History/Political Science Elective

Business Core (33 credits)

BAC 101 Available Online  Accounting I*

BAC 102 Available Online  Accounting II (prerequisite: BAC 101 Available Online )

BBM 201 Available Online  Principles of Management

BBM 301 Available Online  Organizational Behavior (available as a co-op)

BBM 320 Available Online  Business Communications

BBM 402 Available Online  Strategic Management

BMK 305 Available Online  Marketing

FIN 305 Available Online  Financial Management*

MAT 122 Available Online  College Math II

MAT 308 Available Online  Inferential Statistics

Choose one of the following:
BBM 411 Available Online  Operations and Systems Management
HRM 311 Available Online  Human Resource Management

Accounting and Finance Program Core (42 credits)

The College of Business programs require a minimum grade of “C” for program core courses. Accounting and Finance majors receiving a grade lower than “C” in any BAC course (including BAC 101 Available Online  and BAC 102 Available Online ) or FIN course (including FIN 305 Available Online  ) must retake that course.

BAC 201 Intermediate Accounting I*

BAC 202 Intermediate Accounting II*

BAC 301 Available Online Cost Accounting I*

BAC 302 Cost Accounting II*

BAC 321 Tax Accounting I*

BAC 322 Tax Accounting II*

BBM 319 Available Online  Business Ethics

BLA 305 Business Law for Accounting and Finance Majors

FIN 306 Available Online  Corporate Finance*

FIN 410 Available Online Financial Statement Analysis*

Choose one of the following two courses:
FIN 308 Financial Economics and Instruments* (available as a co-op)
FIN 309 Introduction to Global Derivatives*

Choose two of the following four courses:
BAC 423 Available Online Auditing*
FIN 302 Financial Planning* (available as a co-op)
FIN 411 Investments and Security Analysis*
FIN 412 Financial Institution Management*

Choose one of the following two courses:
BAC 435 Accounting Information Systems* (available as a co-op)
MIS 320 Available Online  Management Information Systems

Free Electives (6 credits; certain courses may be available as a co-op)

This information applies to students who enter this degree program during the 2015-2016 Academic Year. If you entered this degree program before the Fall 2015 semester, please refer to the academic catalog for the year you began your degree program.