Bachelor of Science

Suggested Program Sequence


1st Semester2nd Semester
BAC 101 Available Online Accounting I
Prereq: None

BAC 102 Available Online Accounting II
Prereq: BAC 101 GPA .67; Accounting Majors GPA 2.0 in that course

CTA 226 Available Online Integrating Excel into Business Problem Solving
Prereq: None

BBM 201 Available Online Principles of Management
Prereq: ENG 121

ENG 121 Available Online English Composition I
Prereq: Successful completion of ENG 110 (with a grade of a "C") or placement through Accuplacer. Please note the minimum passing grade of ENG 121 is a "C".

ENG 122 Available Online English Composition II
Prereq: A "C" or higher in ENG 121. Please note the minimum passing grade of ENG 122 is a "C"

MAT 121 Available Online College Math I
Prereq: Pass math skills assessment or MAT 110 with a grade of "C" or better.

MAT 122 Available Online College Math II
Prereq: MAT 121 with a minimum grade of C.

PHI 100 Available Online Introduction to Critical Thinking
Prereq: None

Social Science Elective


1st Semester2nd Semester
BAC 201 Intermediate Accounting I
Prereq: BAC 102 GPA 2.0

BAC 202 Intermediate Accounting II
Prereq: BAC 201 GPA 2.0

ECO 101 Available Online Economics I
Prereq: successful completion of math skills assessment or MAT 110

BLA 305 Business Law for Accounting and Finance Majors
Prereq: None

ENG 131 Available Online Public Speaking
Prereq: A "C" or higher in ENG 122.

BMK 305 Available Online Marketing
Prereq: None

MAT 308 Available Online Inferential Statistics
Prereq: MAT 102 or MAT 202 or MAT 205 with minimum grade of “C” or BSN candidate or College of Business completion degree candidate.

ECO 102 Available Online Economics II
Prereq: ECO 101 and MAT 101

Natural Science ElectiveSocial Science Elective


1st Semester2nd Semester
BAC 301 Available Online Cost Accounting I
Prereq: BAC 202 GPA 2.0

BAC 302 Cost Accounting II
Prereq: BAC 301 GPA 2.0

BAC 321 Tax Accounting I
Prereq: BAC 202 GPA 2.0

BAC 322 Tax Accounting II
Prereq: BAC 321 GPA 2.0

BBM 411 Available Online Operations and Systems Management
Prereq: ENG 122, BBM 201, and BBM 301

  or HRM 311 Available Online Human Resource Management
Prereq: BBM 201

BBM 319 Available Online Business Ethics
Prereq: BBM 201

BBM 301 Available Online Organizational Behavior
Prereq: BBM 201

(available as a co-op)
BBM 320 Available Online Business Communications
Prereq: ENG 122

HUM 360 Available Online Human World Views: 3500 BCE–1650 AD
Prereq: ENG 122 or COM 245

HUM 361 Available Online Human World Views: 1650 AD–Present
Prereq: ENG 122 or COM 245


1st Semester2nd Semester
BAC 401 Advanced Accounting I
Prereq: BAC 202 GPA 2.0

BAC 402 Advanced Accounting II
Prereq: BAC 401 GPA 2.0

BAC 423 Available Online Auditing
Prereq: BAC 202 GPA 2.0

BAC 435 Accounting Information Systems (AIS)
Prereq: BAC 423 GPA 2.0

(available as a co-op)
FIN 305 Available Online Financial Management
Prereq: BAC 102, ENG 122 and MAT 312 (prior to 2016-2017, MAT 308)

BBM 402 Available Online Strategic Management
Prereq: BAC 102, BBM 201, BBM 320, BLA 303, BMK 305, ECO 102 (or ECO 105 for HRM Majors), FIN 305, and MAT 301 or MAT 308

Free ElectiveFree Elective
Free ElectiveHumanities Elective

This information applies to students who enter this degree program during the 2015-2016 Academic Year. If you entered this degree program before the Fall 2015 semester, please refer to the academic catalog for the year you began your degree program.