Business Administration

doctor of Business Administration

Program Requirements

Program Design

The DBA degree requires the completion of 54 semester credit hours distributed as follows: common core course requirements, 21 credit hours; program core course requirements, 24 credit hours; and dissertation or research project requirements, 9 credit hours. The program course work is designed to be completed within a 2 ½ year time frame. The dissertation or culminating research project will require additional time to complete, typically a year. The program is organized and scheduled to accommodate the needs of people who maintain full-time employment while pursuing the degree. The program design permits students to complete the requirements for the DBA at their own pace. Students will have 7 years from the start of their first class to complete the DBA program. Students who take longer than that time period will have to meet with the Program Director to discuss their options.


The DBA Program is offered in two formats: the Hybrid Weeknight and Online. Cohort placement and specific start dates are dependent on preferred format. Students who start the program are expected to stay in the format that they were accepted into. Any exceptions may be discussed with the Director.

Advancement to Doctoral Candidacy

At or near the completion of the student's course work, but before embarking on the DBA dissertation or research project, the student is required to achieve a passing grade on a formal Comprehensive Examination. In addition, the student is required to recruit a dissertation committee and gain approval for a concept paper describing the purpose and approach envisioned for dissertation research. After completing these requirements, the student will advance to doctoral candidacy.

Dissertation or Research Project

The DBA dissertation (traditional five chapter or Critical Evaluation Recommendation paper) or culminating research project requires a minimum of 9 semester credit hours for completion. This process involves extensive work by the student with advisement from a dissertation committee. A dissertation or research project proposal must be completed, reviewed, and approved by the student's dissertation committee prior to the beginning of data collection in the area of the research topic. Once the dissertation or research project is complete, the student will present the results before the dissertation committee and colleagues.

Qualifications for Degree

To qualify for the DBA degree, a student must satisfactorily complete 54 credit hours beyond the master's degree, including four research foundation courses, 11 program-specific courses, and a dissertation or research project. The student must: (1) maintain a minimum grade point average of at least 3.0; (2) achieve a grade of at least "B-" or better in all courses; (3) achieve satisfactory performance on the Comprehensive Examination; (4) obtain approval of the student's research proposal; and (5) successfully complete and defend the dissertation or research project. These requirements must be completed within seven years of matriculation into the program.

Course Requirements

Common Core Courses (21 credits)

DBA 7100 Available Online  Organizational Strategy and Policy Seminar

LDR 7000 Available Online Experiential Learning: Leadership Issues

LDR 7100 Available Online Managing Innovation and Change

RES 7105 Available Online  Statistics for Research

RES 7106 Available Online Disciplined Inquiry I

RES 7107 Available Online  Disciplined Inquiry II

RES 7111 Available Online  Research Design


Program Core Courses (24 credits)

DBA 7310 Available Online  Executive Decision Making

DBA 7400 Available Online  Advanced Seminar in Managerial Finance and Accounting

DBA 7510 Available Online  Business Intelligence

DBA 7600 Available Online  Ethics in Business and Management

DBA 7800 Available Online  Global Management Models

DBA 8000 Available Online  Seminar on Research in Management


Two of the following four courses:

DBA 7200 Available Online  Advanced Organizational Behavior

DBA 7700 Available Online  Advanced Marketing Management

EDD 7303 Available Online  Policy and Planning in Higher Education

EDD 7304 Available Online  Planning, Budgeting, and the Higher Education Finance Process


Dissertation or Project Requirement (9 credits)

DBA 9000 Available Online, DBA 9001 Available Online & DBA 9002 Available Online DBA Research

DBA 9004 Available Online DBA Research Continuation (if needed: 0 credits)


Total credits required for program completion: 54

This information applies to students who enter this degree program during the 2015-2016 Academic Year. If you entered this degree program before the Fall 2015 semester, please refer to the academic catalog for the year you began your degree program.