Certificate in Nonprofit Management

While traditional business courses will help prepare students for the for-profit sector, the courses are not always appropriate for the nonprofit arena.   Nonprofit organizations have specific needs when it comes to understanding board governance, fund-raising and grant writing, and HR concerns when the ‘workforce’ is made up of a large number of volunteers.  Traditional business knowledge and approaches do apply but less traditional skills are highly desired by this sector.  Ideally new hires will not only have a foundation in public policy, media and public relations and fiscal management, but they will also have the skills to aid in program building and evaluation, and strategic planning.  These business skills are needed to manage the various facets of nonprofit organizations.

Note: Students will be held to all course prerequisites.

15 credits


NFP 301 Intro to Nonprofit Agencies

NFP 302 Management of the Nonprofit Organization

NFP 304 Advocacy and Public Policy

NFP 307 Fundraising for Nonprofits

Students may choose one of the following

NFP 303 Foundations of Fiscal Management for Nonprofit

NFP 308 Grant Writing for Nonprofits