Course Descriptions


DSN 6010
Streaming Media
3 credits

Changes in information technology now permit "streaming" to new audiences or existing audiences in new ways. This course aims to help students understand the creative processes involved in producing a steaming media project. Creating streaming media is a multi-step effort, including shooting, capturing, editing and encoding source material – audio, video or both – with involved decision-making along the way. Working with existing video footage, students will edit using a nonlinear editing tool (Final Cut Pro), add effects and deliver the source content in multiple versions of encoding formats and data rates for successfully streamed compression.

DSN 6020
Human Computer Interaction
3 credits

Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) involves studies of the interaction among people, computers, and their environment. The impact of HCI regarding human performance effectiveness and efficiency will be examined. The course will also examine important human factor design guidelines that contribute to the development of high quality information systems. The insights gained are ideally used to create information systems (IS) and work environments that help make people more productive and more satisfied with their workaday life.

DSN 6030
Advanced Multimedia and Animation
3 credits

Multimedia, with the emphasis on web production, is one of the fastest growing areas of the technology field. This course focuses on the use of advanced graphic display techniques in Multimedia-enhanced web design, including animation. Emphasis is placed on the use of software tools and their relationship to compelling web designs. This is a "hands on" course, involving extended amounts of computer lab time. The students will be expected to learn the syntax of this specialized scripting language. As part of this course, the student will work with variables, datatypes, operators, statements, conditions, functions, objects, events, arrays, movie clips and other applicable elements. After working with these elements, the student will then use these elements to create his/her own interactive multimedia project for a CD or the web.

DSN 6050
Markup Languages Advanced Authoring
3 credits

The World Wide Web has become the focus of much of our working (and playing) lives. In a very short time span, the web has revolutionized the way we access information for education, business, and entertainment. It has created industries where there were none before. Being able to develop and display information for the web has become a necessary job skill and a business necessity. Unlike any other previous medium, the ability to "write" HTML for the Internet permits the workaday individual/entrepreneur to potentially connect with millions of other people as potential customers or members of an affinity group. Correspondingly, this course will focus on the Intermediate level of Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and will include an overview of XML.

DSN 6060
Database/Web Design Integration
3 credits

This course focuses on the design and development of database-driven websites, which are the basic foundations of all E-commerce sites. The software development tools used throughout the course will concentrate on those most commonly in use throughout the industry, viz.

DSN 6080
Internet Development/Design for Competitive Advantage
3 credits

Philosophies and practices are explored to recognize opportunities to interject aesthetics and design principles into E-business systems. Adaptable application architectures, e-architectures, and net-centric approaches to business are discussed from a design perspective. E-business systems have some unique characteristics which influence the design and delivery of solutions, including: the complexity of E-business architectures; interface and integration problems, component maturity and quality; and the vagaries of customer acceptance and loyalty. The ability to leverage Internet technology to enhance customer, supplier and partner relationships is no longer optional - indeed, E-business is now simply "business".

DSN 6090
Topics in Internet/Web Design
3 credits

This course is an intensive study of selected contemporary topics in Internet and Web Design. Emphasis is placed on research in areas pertinent to Design involving the current "public internet infrastructure" environment. Given the rapidly changing landscape of present day information systems and technology, it is entirely appropriate to focus on recent and novel developments in the field. The focus for each section will vary, and in a "Directed Study" format, will be tailored specifically to the career and vocational interests of the student. When scheduled in lecture/seminar form, the topical subject matter will change at each offering; students should refer to the course listing bulletin for current topic. PreRequisites: At least two of the DSN 6000-series courses.

DSN 8100
Internet/Web Design Integration/Capstone Course
3 credits

This course combines the three integration efforts toward a) integrating the enterprise, b) integrating the IS function, and c) integrating IS technologies.

Prerequisite(s): Prerequisite(s): IST 7000, IST 7020, IST 7040, IST 7060, IST 7100 and at least two courses in the Internet/Web Design concentration