Course Descriptions


ECO 101
Economics I
3 credits

This course gives students a basic understanding of economics, with particular emphasis on the operation of the American economic system. The topics of macroeconomics, classical economics, Keynesian and Post-Keynesian economics, private enterprise, and national income are examined.

Prerequisite(s): successful completion of math skills assessment or MAT 110

ECO 102
Economics II
3 credits

This course studies microeconomic issues such as the price system, income distribution and international economics. Applying and extending knowledge of basic economic principles are emphasized.

Prerequisite(s): ECO 101 and MAT 101

ECO 105
Fundamentals of Economics
3 credits

This course emphasizes both macro- and microeconomics for the non-business student. Basic economic concepts, tools and terms economists use, and methods of economic analysis are covered. A student’s understanding of the American business system is developed.

ECO 203
Economic Theory
3 credits

Relevant theories of income, output and price level, wealth determination, growth, and international economics are discussed in detail. Current social balance issues and conflicts between the private and public sectors are emphasized.

ECO 300
International Trade and Economics
3 credits

This course examines the theoretical and historic framework relating to international trade and economic principles utilized within the global economy. Specific areas examined in the course include problems associated with different trade policies, balance of payments, comparative advantage, international exchange rate systems, trade barriers and tariffs, and the economics of transitioning and developing countries.

Prerequisite(s): ECO 102

ECO 301
Contemporary Economic Problems
3 credits

This course is an analysis of how the economic system works and how theory and events shape decisions of business owners, government officials, and households.

Prerequisite(s): ECO 102

ECO 321
Economics of Income, Money, and Banking
3 credits

This course familiarizes the student with the banking system, the Federal Reserve System, and the creation of money. Monetary policy and theory are reviewed.

Prerequisite(s): ECO 102