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ENG 101
English Composition I
3 credits

BEGINNING FALL 2013, THIS COURSE WILL BE OFFERED AS ENG 121. This course is designed to help students become more proficient and effective writers. Students will study the principles and skills involved in effective writing and reading and will be required to apply these skills to selected writing assignments throughout the course. They will also study elements that constitute various rhetorical patterns of writing and develop skills in writing essays in these patterns. The rhetorical patterns studied in this course are description, narration, compare/contrast, definition, and classification/division. Students will also be introduced to the elements of APA formatting. This course will emphasize the use of correct grammar, usage, spelling, punctuation, and mechanics. Students will be required to apply these skills to all writing assignments. Successful completion of an independent library orientation project is also a requirement of this class.

Prerequisite(s): ENG 110 or successful completion of the English placement test. Please note the minimum passing grade of ENG 101 is a "C-".