Course Descriptions


HUM 204
3 credits

In many ways, world folklore is the basis of the arts and also a strong influence on areas as diverse as psychology and religion. This course acquaints the students with an array of topics, including myths, proverbs, superstitions, fairy tales, and other sources of folk belief.

HUM 342
Western Myth
3 credits

This course will examine the myths of the western world. Students will become acquainted with certain myths that have helped shape some of our western values and beliefs.

HUM 350
American Folklore
3 credits

Throughout its history, America has established a rich and varied folklore tradition. In this course, students will gain a greater understanding of this expressive area of study which explores the heritage of traditional America.

HUM 360
Human World Views: 3500 BCE – 1650 CE
3 credits

Contemporary individual and societal issues have at least some basis in one or more philosophical positions or questions. While specific issues change over time, their philosophical bases have applicability or relevance. By examining the opinions and positions of some of history's most significant thinkers, as well as some of the most historic cultural influences in the arts, literature, and architecture, students directly benefit by bringing their own thoughts into sharper focus, thereby enriching conversation of contemporary life and issues

HUM 361
Human World Views: 1650 CE - present
3 credits

This course takes into consideration the major contemporary world views necessary for one to develop an informed and reasoned world view that will be a useful tool in making sense out of today's complex, fast-paced, and multi-faceted world

HUM 381
Contemporary Global Issues
3 credits

Students in this class will explore contemporary global social and political issues  as well as the historical events that set the stage for these issues, whether they are conflicts or peaceful.  Coverage of the issues will encourage students to think critically about current events, their underlying causes, and their impact on affected populations.  Topics will include human rights, poverty, population trends, environmental issues, starvation, resources and scarcity, globalization, human rights, and economic pressures. The capstone project for the class will be completed on a digital platform. HUM 381 is cross-listed with HIS 381.