Course Descriptions


ENG 095
English Review
0 credits

This course will provide a review of reading and writing for students who need to strengthen their backgrounds in English before taking university-level courses requiring university-level reading and writing. It establishes a foundation for success in subsequent university-level courses. Students begin with close reading exercises that are followed by writing paragraph-length essays. Students’ literacy levels will increase; students will also learn to use strategies in the writing process as well as other strategies for self-regulation. Grammar instruction will be both contextual and localized: students will complete a writing diagnostic and explicit grammar instruction will be in response to the errors of the class’s diagnostic essays. Grammar will be assessed from student writing. Please note the minimum passing grade of ENG 095 is a "C".

ENG 110
English Essentials
3 credits

This course will teach students the steps in the writing process as well as strategies for academic success. Students will be shown how to write and evaluate essays in a variety of rhetorical modes first by instructor modeling, then collaboration with the instructor, and then students will write independently. Students will begin the course with paragraph writing and end the course with multi-paragraph essay writing in preparation for college-level writing courses. All essays will have two drafts, a first draft and a revised draft, both of which will be assessed for academic integrity issues through SafeAssign. The first draft will allow students to correct any issues with the use of outside sources before submitting the revised draft (although no use of outside sources is expected). Students will receive direct instruction in mechanics, usage, and grammar (MUGs); assessment in MUGs will be through student writing. Students will be required to apply all attained skills to all writing assignments. Credit from this course applies as an elective credit toward graduation.

Prerequisite(s): Placement after taking Accuplacer or successful completion of ENG 095. Please note the minimum passing grade of ENG 110 is a "C".

ENG 121
English Composition I
3 credits

PRIOR TO FALL 2013, THIS COURSE WAS OFFERED AS ENG 101. This course is designed to help students become more proficient and effective writers, while also developing reading comprehension and analysis skills. Students will study the basic tenants of effective writing before incorporating those elements into four essays and a visual presentation. Students will be introduced to effective reading strategies and will apply these to reading and writing assignments. Students will learn to write in stages, including pre-writing, drafting, and revising. Students will learn about academic integrity and submit each essay draft through SafeAssign.

Prerequisite(s): Successful completion of ENG 110 (with a grade of a "C") or placement through Accuplacer. Please note the minimum passing grade of ENG 121 is a "C".

ENG 122
English Composition II
3 credits

PRIOR TO FALL 2013, THIS COURSE WAS OFFERED AS ENG 102. This course is designed to help students further develop their composition skills and become proficient in college-level research writing. Students will continue to use the writing strategies they learned in ENG 121 and apply them to four essays, including an 8-10 page researched, argumentative paper. Students will develop information literacy skills, including how to search for, evaluate, and utilize scholarly sources. Students will further develop their knowledge of APA formatting and apply it to each writing assignment. Students will learn about academic integrity and submit each essay draft through SafeAssign.

Prerequisite(s): ENG 121. Please note the minimum passing grade of ENG 122 is a "C".

ENG 131
Public Speaking
3 credits

PRIOR TO FALL 2013, THIS COURSE WAS OFFERED AS ENG 111. This course is designed to help students develop and improve effective oral communicative skills. Students will learn the basic skills and principles necessary to prepare written presentations and to orally deliver these presentations with confidence. They will receive practical assistance in the areas of reading, writing, speaking, listening, and critiquing.

Prerequisite(s): ENG 122

ENG 200
English Grammar
3 credits

This course will survey the structure of contemporary English grammar. It will also explore the usage problems associated with contemporary grammar in both speech and writing. Topics will include: the structure of English (words, phrases, clauses, and sentences), sentence structure problems, agreement errors, commonly confused and misused words, and spelling.

Prerequisite(s): ENG 122

ENG 205
History of the English Language
3 credits

This course is designed to provide students with an understanding of the development of the English language. They will recognize changes in language as the product of political, social, religious, technological, and economic factors. This course will focus on the study of the origins, changes, and reasons for changes in the grammar, sounds, and vocabulary of English from its beginnings to modern time.

Prerequisite(s): ENG 200

ENG 310
Research Writing
3 credits

PRIOR TO FALL 2015, THIS COURSE WAS OFFERED AS ENG 365. This course seeks to develop skills in advanced composition, critical reading, and research: evaluation of sources and incorporating others’ research into student writing. It is designed to improve students’ abilities to create a persuasive argument, and to use outside sources through quoting, paraphrase, summary, and synthesis. Students will use the outside sources to reinforce their own persuasive arguments correctly and effectively. Students will also concentrate on APA style and how it can be used to ensure correct use of sources and academic integrity.

Prerequisite(s): (Major=Nursing Completion- B.S.N. OR Major=Allied Health Management Completion-B.S. OR Major=Allied Health Education Completion-B.S. OR Major=Skilled and Technical Sciences Completion-B.S. OR Major=General Studies Completion- B.S. OR Major=Allied Health- B.S. OR Major=Allied Health- Completion B.S. OR ENG102 GPA 1.00 OR ENG122 GPA 1.00)

ENG 320
Advanced Composition
3 credits

This course is intended to prepare classroom teachers to communicate well to a variety of audiences in a variety of modes. This class is also intended to prepare teachers for professional development beyond the classroom. For use in the classroom, teachers will be prepared to communicate with students, parents, other teachers, administrators, and the community as a whole. Teachers will be comfortable using varying levels of formality, but always employing standard English. Teachers will also be prepared to perform independent action research in order to continue their own professional development.

Prerequisite(s): ENG 122

ENG 360
Creative Writing
3 credits

This course allows students to express their creative abilities through the writing of stories, plays, poems, and essays. Critical appraisals of students’ work by members of the class are an important element in this course.

Prerequisite(s): ENG 122