Course Descriptions


TEC 215
Basic Photographic Techniques
3 credits

This course introduces students to the technical aspects of photography. The content will include camera and lens types, film types and light meters, exposure control, and depth of field. Also explored is the development of basic 2D design, shape, texture, and basic image manipulation.

TEC 300
Advanced Photography I
3 credits

This course will cover the more technical aspects of photography, including how to cover special events.

Prerequisite(s): TEC 215 or approval of program chair. Co-requisite: DSN094

TEC 310
Black and White Digital Photography
3 credits

Students will be introduced to the finer art of black and white photography with the use of digital technology. Emphasis will be placed on composition, color converted to black and white, and adding selective color to black and white images. A final portfolio will be completed

Prerequisite(s): TEC 215. Co-requisite: DSN094

TEC 315
Nature Photography
3 credits

This course will explore nature through the eye of the digital camera. Students will look up close with the use of macro equipment to see and photograph the small world that often goes unseen, and reach out with the telephoto to those parts of nature that lie just out of reach. There will be an emphasis on equipment, both hardware and software, and its application to the various areas of nature photography. Photo equipment will be provided, but students are invited to use their own equipment if desired. There will be substantial field work and projects associated with such areas as macro, landscape, and wildlife photography.

Prerequisite(s): TEC 215. Co-requisite: DSN094

TEC 325
Business of Photography
3 credits

This course will teach students the finer points of event photography, from considering aesthetic details such as angle and lighting to working with clients and pricing. In this hands-on photography course, students will learn to shoot ceremonies as well as sporting events.

Prerequisite(s): TEC 215. Co-requisite: DSN094

TEC 345
Surreal Digital Photography
3 credits

This course will explore the creation of very strange and unusual images of dream quality by utilizing photography and computer graphic tools. It will blend together fantasy and reality by taking the mundane and creating the fantastic. Students will use pieces of imagery and put them together by bending and or shaping objects and backgrounds into one cohesive unit, making them look as though they exist in reality.

Prerequisite(s): TEC215 and DSN210. Co-requisite: DSN094

TEC 366
Photojournalism I
3 credits

This course is centered on visual storytelling as applied in print media. Students will learn to combine journalism and photography in order to best tell a story using images. They will photograph typical assignments such as general news, sports, and feature photography.

Prerequisite(s): TEC 215. Co-requisite: DSN094

TEC 400
Sports Photography
3 credits

This course will explore the historic and technical aspects of sports photography. Study will include identification, discussion and interpretation of iconic sports photographs, determining photographic medium, lens, lighting, and perspective. A hands-on approach is employed, as students will be required to photograph, edit and produce a series of finished images from live sporting events.

Prerequisite(s): TEC 215. Co-requisite: DSN094

TEC 405
Photographic Studio Lighting
3 credits

This course is designed to explore the use of photography in the design process. Through demonstration and practice in the studio, the students will study and produce still life and portrait photographs using tungsten and powerflash equipment.

Prerequisite(s): TEC 215. Co-requisite: DSN094

TEC 406
Photographic Location Lighting
3 credits

This is a comprehensive course covering practical techniques for better use of light. Students will learn how to obtain predictable visual results as well as dramatic lighting by analyzing existing light conditions and using multiple light sources. The various aspects and techniques of photographic location work, including considerations for natural and created lighting, and camera flash use. Hands-on opportunities to practice the techniques covered in the class will be provided.

Prerequisite(s): TEC 215. Co-requisite: DSN094. Some equipment purchases may be required for full participation in the class assignments.

TEC 407
Lighting for Location and Studio
3 credits

Light is a fundamental element in photography. It is essential for students to have a comprehensive understanding of the use of secondary light in photography and to be able to successfully apply this knowledge to make compelling images both within a photo studio setting and on location. In this semester format course the content will switch at mid point. Students will learn to light subjects and products in a controlled studio environment as well as on location, where any number of variables will factor into the decision making process. Work will be completed in Adobe Photoshop.

TEC 425
Photo Editing Techniques
3 credits

This course introduces students to the technical aspects Lightroom and Photo Mechanic editing software. Content will explore organization, search, and processing of images. Students will work within the 5 modules of Lightroom: Library, Develop, Slideshow, Print and Web. Photo Mechanic will further explore caption and metadata additions to image files, such as basic copyright information, exposure, lens, and keywording

Prerequisite(s): DSN 210, TEC 215. Co-requisite: DSN094

TEC 460
Topics in Photography
3 credits

Students will have the ability to specialize in this class to suit their needs. Among the genres that can be pursued are commercial/advertising photography, sports, nature/wildlife, wedding photography, studio work, and artistic work. This class is designed to allow the student to explore techniques, styles, and formats.

Prerequisite(s): Permission of the Program Chair