Dissertation Committee Search

The University has created this directory to help doctoral students search for Dissertation Chairs and Committee Members. This directory contains qualified faculty and adjuncts within ALL colleges.

Doctoral students are provided specific instructions on developing a dissertation committee elsewhere within the EDD and DBA programs; however, the below information can serve as a general guide using this directory as a tool for identifying possible committee members.

  1. Doctoral students can begin their search by checking relevant areas of expertise listed below based on Research Expertise, Research Interests in Education, or Research Interests in Business.
  2. Once doctoral students have located potential committee members through the directory, students must follow the EDD program guidelines or DBA program guidelines for official approval of the members of the committee, and complete any required documentation.
  3. Students are cautioned


    to send a mass email in search for committee chairs or members. Instead, students should be selective and send individual emails to only one or two full-time or adjunct faculty members at a time.
  4. Students who have questions may contact the following: EDD students contact doctorate@wilmu.edu. DBA students contact dba@wilmu.edu.

Search for potential Dissertation Committee Members using the search criteria below, or
View the Complete List of Qualified Faculty and Adjunct Instructors.

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