Graduate Certificate in Special Education K-12 Teacher of Students with Disabilities


The purpose of this certificate in Special Education-K-12 Special Education is to prepare master’s level educators to teach students with disabilities in grades K-12. The goal of the Certificate Program is to provide coursework Students with disabilities must be taught by professionals who are trained in the identification, assessment, and teaching of individuals with exceptionalities. The goal of this Certificate Program is to provide candidates with the opportunity to complete research-based coursework with assignments and performance tasks aligned to the appropriate subject area and grade level. Teachers will gain the skills and knowledge to complete formative and summative assessments, use data to differentiate and deliver instruction, develop and implement behavior intervention plans, collaborate with IEP/504 teams, parents and professionals to meet the needs of the students.  Fieldwork/clinical experiences are embedded across the coursework, enabling the teachers to demonstrate mastery of the CEC Specialist Standards through performance based tasks.  Completion of this Certificate Program (in addition to meeting all state requirements) will lead to Delaware Certification in Early Childhood/Exceptional Children.

Certificate Requirements

Special Education K-12 Teacher of Students with Disabilities Courses (15 credits)

MED 6102 E-Folio

MSE 7403 Diagnosis/Assessment/IEP Development for Exceptionalities

MSE 7405 Curriculum in Special Education

MSE 7402 Applied Behavior Analysis

MRD 7901 Diagnosis/Assessment of Reading Difficulties for Non-Reading/Literacy Majors

and one of the following:

MSE 8102 Legislation and Implementation of Policy and Procedure

MSE 7407 Collaboration/Teaming with Families & Communities

MSE 7406 Transition Planning & Implementation for Students with Disabilities

MSE 7404 Assistive Technology (MH, SED, LD)

Delaware Certification Special Education K-12 Teacher of Students with Disabilities

Current Delaware Department of Education regulations (DE Title 14, §1571) permit individuals who hold an initial continuing, advanced license, or a Limited Standard, Standard or Professional Status Certificate issued by the Department prior to August 31, 2003, and who hold a Standard Certificate in a subject (content), grade level, or area, to apply for a State of Delaware Standard Certificate as a Special Education K-12 Teacher of Students who are Disabilities after successfully completing five (5) of the Wilmington University College of Education courses and earn a passing score on the ETS Praxis II, Test Code 5354, Special Education Content Knowledge. 

However, certification requirements are subject to change by the Delaware Department of Education and the Professional Standards Board. The most recent information about those requirements can be accessed at the Delaware Department of Education/Professional Standards Board website.