Credit for Prior Learning

You may be able to earn college credit at Wilmington University for what you've already learned throughout your life or your career. Your formal corporate training or job experience, as well as many other experiences, could help you finish your degree program faster by allowing you to earn credit for specific coursework in your degree program.

Prior Learning Assessment

Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) is a process that helps you earn credit for the skills and knowledge you already possess regardless of how or where your learning took place. PLA involves identification, documentation, assessment and recognition of learning outcomes acquired outside of the traditional classroom. Find our more about PLA…

College Examinations

Did you know that you can receive credit through college credit examinations and advanced placement without taking the class? College credit examinations are available in more than 150 subject areas and are similar to the final examinations you would take if taking the class. See our list of exams eligible for college credit.

Credit for Corporate, Military, or Professional Training

You can also receive credit for corporate, military, or professional training. The American Council on Education provides credit recommendations for many corporate training programs which are listed in The National Guide to Education Credit for Training Programs, published by the American Council on Education. Wilmington University will evaluate local training programs for credit provided the student is able to furnish all required documentation. Speak to your academic advisor for more information.

Extra-Institutional Course Assessment (ECA)

Wilmington University has evaluated many courses offered by organizations, private industry, schools, training vendors, government agencies and non-profit organizations. Find out if your "training has been evaluated for credit!"

The National Program on Noncollegiate Sponsored Instruction

The National Program on Noncollegiate Sponsored Instruction (PONSI) evaluates courses of instruction and makes the results available to colleges to use as a guide in awarding credit for noncollegiate course work. Wilmington University recognizes National PONSI credit recommendations.