Wilmington University Middletown

Spring 2012 Courses at Middletown*

College of Arts & Sciences

Block I & Semester

HUM 310 Building Brain Power(Hybrid)

HUM 410 Food: Art and Customs(Lab)

PHI 301 Available Online Philosophy of Love

POL 403 Available Online Writing for Public Policy

Block II

HUM 325 Empowerment Strategies(Hybrid)

HUM 411 Food: Art and Customs: International(Lab)

POL 402 Available Online Analysis of Public Policy

College of Business

Block I & Semester

BBM 201 Available Online Principles of Management(Hybrid)

BBM 315 Available Online Supervisory Management(Hybrid)

BBM 319 Available Online Business Ethics

BBM 320 Available Online Business Communications(Fusion)

Block II

BBM 301 Available Online Organizational Behavior(Hybrid)

BBM 315 Available Online Supervisory Management(Hybrid)

BBM 320 Available Online Business Communications(Hybrid)

BBM 402 Available Online Strategic Management(Hybrid)

FIN 306 Available Online Corporate Finance(Hybrid)

HRM 310 Available Online Organizational Development(Hybrid)

College of Social and Behavioral Science

Block I & Semester

SOC 331 Available Online Research, Writing & Information Literacy in the Beh. Science

Block II

LES 205 Available Online State and Local Government(Hybrid)

SOC 302 Available Online Marriage and the Family

College of Technology

Block II

MIS 320 Available Online Management Information Systems*(Fursion)

Graduate Courses

College of Business

Block I & Semester

MBA 6100 Available Online Managerial Accounting(Hybrid)

MBA 6300 Available Online Quantitative Business Analysis(Hybrid)

MGT 6501 Available Online Organization Theory and Design(Hybrid)

Block II

MBA 7200 Available Online Financial Management(Hybrid)

MBA 7302 Available Online Project Management(Hybrid)

MBA 8800 Available Online Business Strategy(Hybrid)

MGT 6503 Available Online Leadership Development and Change Management(Hybrid)

College of Education

Block I & Semester

MAS 7996 Available Online Practicum I

MAS 7997 Practicum II

MEE 7996 Available Online Practicum I

MEE 7997 Practicum II

MED 7701 Available Online Supervistory Leadership

MED 7808 Available Online Assessment and Evaluation(Hybrid)

Block II

MED 7707 Available Online The Principalship 9-12