Videos for Courses and More

Create an Online Video

Online videos are a great way to reach a wide-audience and a high-touch approach to increasing understanding and awareness of a service or message.

There are several different video options available for your needs. Check out the examples below to help you decide which option to choose. Email for more information.


Self Introduction
(created on campus)

Instructors become acquainted with their students by sharing a bit about their educational and work background.


Create more exposure and general understanding of the services and/or academic programs a department offers.

“How-to” tutorial video showing how to use a service offered by a department.

Self Introduction
(do-it-yourself style)

Use your own webcam or borrow a Flip camcorder to create your own self-introduction video.


Testimonial videos are useful for clarifying a complex message.

Several different services are available for special events, guest speakers, and more.