VMware vCloud Director


We upgraded to View 6.0 over the break. This enables HTML 5 access, which means you have the option to bypass the View VPN client. Here are the URLs for the HTML based access.

Student Remote Access

Instructor Remote Access

Useful Links:

Directions for Students to connect to vCloud

We now recommend using Chrome for vCloud

1. At home use the student access link or on campus go directly to https://vcloud.wilmu.edu/cloud/org/cot/

Student user their Web campus/blackboard user name and password for both Horizon View and vCloud logins.

2. Log on to    https://vcloud.wilmu.edu/cloud/org/cot/


3. Once logged in click open on your group of vm’s (vApp)


4. Click the Play button to power on your VM, then left click the VM or right click and click “Popout Console”


5. Your Instructor should send you the Credentials to login to each virtual machine’s Operating systems.