Game Design and Development

Bachelor of Science

Suggested Program Sequence

Game Design and Development


Semester 1 Semester 2
BCS 210 Computer Science
Prereq: None

DSN 105 Available Online Visual Communication
Prereq: DSN 094

DSN 210 Available Online Digital Image Manipulation
Prereq: BCS 210

GMD 100 Intro to Game Engines
Prereq: None

ENG 121 Available Online English Composition I
Prereq: Successful completion of ENG 110 (with a grade of a "C") or placement through Accuplacer. Please note the minimum passing grade of ENG 121 is a "C".

MAT 121 Available Online College Math I
Prereq: Pass math skills assessment or MAT 110 with a grade of "C" or better.

GMD 105 Available Online Video and Audio for Game Design
Prereq: None

PHI 100 Available Online Introduction to Critical Thinking
Prereq: None

PSY 101 Available Online Introduction to Psychology
Prereq: None

SCI 110 Conceptual Physics (with Lab)
Prereq: MAT 101 or MAT 205 or MAT 304


Semester 1 Semester 2

ECO 105 Available Online Fundamentals of Economics
Prereq: None


ENG 122 Available Online English Composition II
Prereq: ENG 121. Please note the minimum passing grade of ENG 122 is a "C".

DSN 220 Concept Development
Prereq: DSN 210

GMD 110 Intro to JavaScript for Unity3D
Prereq: None

GMD 202 Soundtracks for Film, Video and Games
Prereq: GMD105

GMD 203 Creating Sound Effects and Dialog for Film, Video and Games
Prereq: GMD 105 and GMD 202

MAT 200 Available Online Pre-Calculus
Prereq: MAT 121 with a minimum grade of "C" or college algebra equivalent.

or MAT 320 Finite Mathematics
Prereq: MAT 304, MAT 101 or college algebra equivalent.

HIS 230 Available Online History of Art and Design
Prereq: None

VMG 201 Fundamentals of Motion Graphics
Prereq: BCS 210 and DSN 210

VMG 321 Introduction to 3D
Prereq: VMG201 (or DSN 201) and DSN 210


Semester 1 Semester 2

DSN 410 Advanced Digital Image Manipulation
Prereq: DSN 210

GMD 210 Advanced JavaScript for Unity 3D
Prereq: GMD 110

GMD 300 Advanced Game Engines: Using Unity3D
Prereq: GMD 100, GMD 110, and (DSN 301 or VMG 321)

GMD 310 Environment Creation for Games
Prereq: Either VMG 321 or DSN 301, and either VMG 322 or DSN 302.

VMG 222 Story Design Methods
Prereq: ENG 121

GMD 401 Game Development I
Prereq: GMD300 and either DSN 301 or VMG 321

VMG 322 3D Modeling Techniques
Prereq: VMG201 (or DSN 201), VMG321 (or DSN301) and DSN 210

VMG 323 3D Texture, Rendering and Lighting Techniques
Prereq: VMG201 (or DSN 201), VMG321 (or DSN301) and DSN 210

VMG 324 Character Creation and Texturing
Prereq: Either VMG321 or DSN 301, either VMG 322 or DSN 302, and either VMG 323 or DSN 303

VMG 325 Character Rigging
Prereq: VMG321 or DSN 301


Semester 1 Semester 2
GMD 405 Game Development II
Prereq: GMD401

ART 210 Basic Design
Prereq: None

HUM 360 Available Online Human World Views: 3500 BCE–1650 AD
Prereq: ENG 122 or COM 245

or HUM 361 Available Online Human World Views: 1650 AD–Present
Prereq: ENG 122 or COM 245

COM 300 Available Online Communication Theory
Prereq: COM 245 or ENG 122.

LIT 313 Available Online Visual Approaches to Literature: The Graphic Novel
Prereq: ENG 122 or COM 245

GMD 487 Game Design & Development Senior Project
Prereq: GMD 300

VMG 310 Advanced Motion Graphics
Prereq: DSN 201 or VMG 201

VMG 422 Non-Linear Editing – Apple MAC Computer
Prereq: VMG 102 (or TEC102), or GMD105

Free Elective Free Elective

This information applies to students who enter this degree program during the 2014-2015 Academic Year. If you entered this degree program before the Fall 2014 semester, please refer to the academic catalog for the year you began your degree program.