College of Technology Minors


The minors offered by the College of Technology are designed to provide all Wilmington University students with the opportunity to develop theoretical and practical skills in the informational technologies involving design and communications, and to both enhance their major studies and support their pursuit of employment. Each program is made up of five courses, some of which may require pre-requisites. Students who wish to pursue a minor should contact Academic Advisement.

Media Design–
Multimedia Production Minor

The rapid development of this medium of integrated electronic design has led to the creation of many employment opportunities. Students studying any of the various majors with elements of training, public relations, or marketing would benefit from this experience.

DSN 210 Available Online Digital Image Manipulation

DSN 320 Available Online Introduction to Web Page Design

DSN 325 Multimedia Web Page Design

VMG 201 Introduction to Motion Graphics

VMG 422 Non-Linear Editing

Media Design – Photography Minor

Photography is everywhere you look: web pages, billboards, textbooks, etc. Images are used to transmit ideas and emotions, to persuade consumers, to influence voters, to make you hungry. Photographs inspire nostalgia, capture history, and they allow people to experience worlds they would otherwise never know. Now that everyone carries a camera, we have witnessed news and events unfolding in ways that forever changed our society.  In this minor, students will improve their photographic skills in a course of study that could ultimately lead to employment as working photographers.

The Photography minor is open to all Wilmington University students. In this minor, students will create a path of study suited to their desires by selecting any five courses from the following list, preferably starting with TEC 215. Students who are normally required to include TEC 215 and TEC 405 for their major will, when electing a Photography minor, take an additional five classes from those listed below.

TEC 215 Basic Photographic Techniques

TEC 300 Advanced Photography I

TEC 310 Black and White Digital Photography

TEC 315 Nature Photography

TEC 325 Available Online Business of Photography

TEC 366 Photojournalism I

TEC 400 Sports Photography

TEC 405 Photographic Studio Lighting

TEC 406 Photographic Location Lighting

TEC 425 Photo Editing Techniques

TEC 460 Topics in Photography

TEC 470 Advanced Photography II: the Portfolio

Media Design – Digital Publishing

Most companies have some form of newsletter, public relations or publication needs; this minor allows the students to develop their creative skills in the print design and computer interface fields.

DSN 121 Available Online Desktop Publishing

DSN 210 Available Online Digital Image Manipulation

DSN 220 Concept Development

DSN 230 Graphic Design Applications

DSN 401 Publication Design

Video and Digital Film-Making Minor

This minor enables students interested in film to obtain the necessary background in digital production and film-making. Students will also learn the terminology, the process and the theory of the film-making business using current digital technology. Students seeking a minor in Digital Film-making, but who are not Video and Motion Graphics or Media Design majors, or those students who have not yet taken the listed courses, must complete five courses and recommended pre-requisites. By completing these pre-requisite courses, students will be better prepared for the successful completion of the Digital Film-making minor.

Suggested Pre-requisites

VMG 100 Camera and Cinematography Techniques

VMG 102 The Production Process

VMG 222 Story Design Methods

Digital Film Minor Required Courses

DFM 200 Introduction to Digital Film-making

DFM 300 Directing Digital Films

DFM 350 Digital Film-making II

DFM 400 Directing Digital Films II

VMG 422 Non-Linear Editing - Mac

Video and Motion Graphics - Video Minor

Students interested in Video may select the Video and Motion Graphics - Video Minor. This minor will encompass coursework within both the television studio and video production domains, with additional coursework in non-linear editing. These skills may be used to expand the scope of a major in Media Design or Video and Motion Graphics, or, by meeting the prerequisites, students from unrelated majors may select the Video and Motion Graphics - Video minor to expand their education into a new domain. This minor enables students interested in Video to obtain the necessary background to produce works for applications in business, education, and industry, as well as for marketing and advertising purposes.

Suggested Pre-requisites

VMG 100 Camera and Cinematography

VMG 102 The Production Process

Video Minor Required Courses:

VMG 301 Lighting for Production I

VMG 400 On Location Production Techniques

VMG 401 Producing the Documentary

VMG 402 Studio Production Techniques

VMG 422 Non-Linear Editing - Mac

This information applies to students who enter this degree program during the 2015-2016 Academic Year. If you entered this degree program before the Fall 2015 semester, please refer to the academic catalog for the year you began your degree program.