Avoiding the Plagiarism Pitfalls

Students of Wilmington University are expected to be honest and forthright in their academic pursuits. It is inappropriate conduct to falsify the results of research; steal the words, phrases, or ideas of another; cheat or attempt to cheat on an examination; or to aid, assist, or allow another to commit an act of academic dishonesty. Acts of academic dishonesty are serious offenses.

Additional information may be found in the Wilmington University Code of Conduct.

Avoid the Plagiarism Pitfalls with These Quick Tips:

Prevent Plagiarism, Use SafeAssign

SafeAssign is a tool that checks your paper and its sources against a database of source material in order to determine how original a student's paper may be. SafeAssign also can be integrated into Blackboard to make the workflow even easier. Learn more about SafeAssign and its benefits.