Graduate Grading System

Grade Numeric Equivalent Quality Points Explanation
A 95-100 4.00 Excellent. The student has demonstrated a quality of work and accomplishment far beyond the normal requirements and shows originality of thought and mastery of material.
A- 92-94 3.67  
B+ 89-91 3.33 Good. The student's achievement exceeds satisfactory accomplishment, showing a clearer indication of initiative, comprehension of material, and the ability to work with concepts.
B 86-88 3.00  
B- 83-85 2.67  
C+ 80-82 2.33  
C 77-79 2.00  
C- 74-76 1.67 Lowest Passing Grade. The student's accomplishment, while passing in most courses, is deficient. Minimum requirements have been met but without distinction.
F Less than 74 0.00 Failure.
FA   0.00 Failure Due to Absence. Student did not complete a sufficient amount of work to earn a passing grade
S   0.00 Satisfactory. The student has met expected standards of scholarship. This grade signifies acceptable performance of the course objectives.
U   0.00 Unsatisfactory. The student has not met the minimum course requirements.
I   0.00 Incomplete. May be granted with approval from instructor. If granted, student must complete course work within time determined (maximum 60 days following end of course). Failure to complete course work in determined time will result in a final grade of "F," unless an additional extension is granted.
IP   0.00 Course in Progress. This grade is specific to Practicums, Internships, and Senior Seminars.
AU   0.00 Audit. Does not yield credit.
W   0.00 Withdraw. No academic penalty.
NA   0.00 Never Attended. Student failed to withdraw from class.