Blackboard Course Copy

DETAILED DIRECTIONS – Copying an Entire Course

Before each new block of courses begins, instructors who teach face to face courses, may easily copy their course information from an existing course into a new course shell. You must be an instructor in both the source and destination courses in order to copy any materials. Since online courses and hybrid courses now have pre-loaded course material, instructors should not copy entire courses into existing course material. Please notify the Ed Tech office for support.

Copying an Entire Course

1. Login to blackboard into the origination course. Click on " Control Panel."  

2. Click on " Packages and Utilities" in the section of the Control Panel.

3. Click " Course Copy" link.



4. The Copy Course page opens. Keep the default in #1 “Course Materials into and Existing Course”. #2 Click Browse, a new window will popup.


5. On the new window, find your Destination Course ID from your course list. The Destination Course is course you want to copy the content into.

  • Bubble in the radio button.
  • Click Submit on the bottom of that popup window. The window will close and the destination course ID will appear in the field.


6. When the course is selected, you will return back to the Copy Course page.

Select Copy Options by checking boxes for all that is to be copied over to the destination course ID. Click Content Areas and then deselect Syllabus.

The destination course already has a syllabus section populated with items, so all you would need is to Edit the Syllabus and insert it as an attached file in your destination course.

Discussion Boards – If you need to copy Discussion Board forums, just select Discussion Board and the radio button to Include only the forums, with no starter posts.

Make sure you select Grade Center Columns and Settings if you want the Assignments to copy correctly.

You can select all boxes – even if some items were not used in the origination course – if you want to insure a complete copy.



7. File Attachments section – Do not change, keep the default selected: Copy links and copies of the content.

8. DO NOT select to include Enrollments in the Copy.

9. Click Submit


If the activity was successful, you will receive a green inline confirmation saying, "Success: This action has been queued. And an email will be sent when the process is complete."

This page confirms that your copy was managed successfully and that you will be notified by email that your course is ready. Please wait for the copy process to be complete, as it might take a few minutes, since the server is processing the action.  During peak times of the year, such as before a semester begins, course copies may take up to 24 hours. Please wait for the process to complete.



  • In the origination course, go to Control Panel\Packages and Utilities\Course Copy.
  • Click the Browse button to add the


    Course ID in the Course Selection box. A popup window will open. The destination course should be a BLANK course without content – otherwise some materials may be duplicated if there are assignments already in the destination course. Click Submit to close the window.
  • Select Course Materials that need to be copied by placing a check in the checkboxes provided. You can select all boxes – even if some items were not used in the origination course – if you want to insure a complete copy. Please DO NOT select the Syllabus box, otherwise a duplication of Syllabus content will occur if selected. The syllabus file needs to be edited and attached only within the Item of the destination course.
  • File Attachments, Please keep the default selection: “Copy links and copies of the content."
  • DO NOT select Enrollments – under no circumstances should you copy your enrollments into the new course.
  • Click the Submit button.