Early College Orientation

Thank you for attending the Wilmington University Early College Credit Orientation!

We are excited to offer you this opportunity to take College Level courses while still in High School! In order to be eligible for the program you must be a junior or senior in the state of Delaware and currently hold a 2.7 GPA, 83 or better high school average, or B- or better grades in your high school courses.

We selected introductory level courses with little or no pre-requisites that are highly transferrable.

See Course Codes

This means that you will be able to use the credit you earned towards your degree wherever you may go. It is our experience that our credits will transfer but please remember some institutions have different transfer policies regarding transferrable grades (C or better) or content determined by which degree program you select.

Researching Courses

Click here to find attached a list of acceptable Early College classes

  • To find out more about a course, visit www.wilmu.edu and type the course code in the search bar.
  • We offer 6 different ways to take a course at Wilmington University. Click here to find out the details
  • To determine days and locations of course offerings click here. Make sure that you are searching for the correct term, location(s) and course type.

The Application Process

Visit www.wilmu.edu and click 'Apply Now'

Create a MyWilmU Profile

  • Academic Level - Undergraduate
  • Academic Programs - Early College - non-degree
  • Highest Level of Education - current high school student
  1. Select the last tab 'Early College/Dual Application'
  2. In the 'Personal Information' Section, you will need to submit your Social Security number. If you do not have a Social Security # or VISA #, please contact lisa.c.lombardozzi@wilmu.edu or (302) 327-4721
  3. In the 'Academic Plans' Section - Program - Early College - If you select any other option, you will be charge full tuition for this course.
  4. Complete the Signature Section.

Required Forms

After submitting your online application, please upload the documents to your newly created 'MyWilmU' account:

NOTE: Registration into the Early College Program is not complete until all forms have been submitted.

To register for your course! You will be able to register for your course by using your 'MyWilmU' account. Click here for instructions. Once you are registered, you will be able to access final course payments ($96) through your MyWilmU account. Click here for more information.


Early College Credit tuition is $32/credit, most courses are 3 credit or $96. There is also a per semester registration fee ($25). Students will also be required to purchase books and supplies.


Textbooks for each course may be purchased from our Campus Store, but you are not required to do so. You may go out on your own and find a third-party vender such as Amazon. Please be sure you have the correct textbook edition and ISBN number. Learn more about other textbook options.

Course Load and Format

Students may enroll in 1 course per semester. Courses may be taken face to face, hybrid, or in 100% online format. They may also be in either Semester or Block format.

See Course Selection to determine course times and locations. Remember to search the correct term.

Entry Prerequisites

There are no entrance exams for the early college credit program. However, students enrolling in ENG 121 will need to show proof of SAT Scores of 480 or better, while MAT 205 students will need to show proof of SAT Scores of 530 or better in the appropriate areas or take the accuplacer for placement. Please contact Early College program coordinators for more information.

When you decide to enroll in the program you will be considered a Wilmington University student and will have all of the privileges as such. You could take advantage of our library, or our Student Success Center for tutoring, you may attend events on campus such as sporting events or guest speakers of the university.

Dropping a course

Early College is not for everyone, once you enroll in the class you may see that it is more than expected. Take note of the drop dates and please contact us before that date so we can drop you from the class. By respecting the drop date, we will be able to remove the class from your Wilmington University transcript. We hope this will be a successful, although challenging experience for you, but we also feel that your High School course work is more important, please do not overburden yourself. Complete the Drop/Add Form to drop the course.

Starting Dates and Optional Course Formats

Notice to Parents

If your student enrolls in this program you will not have the kind of access you currently do at a high school. Due to privacy laws, you will not be able to inquire about how your student is doing in class. If you'd like to have access to your student's records you must have them fill out the attached FERPA. This form allows for direct communication between guardians and Wilmington University staff. Our instructors will not be able to answer your questions about your son/daughter's progress unless this form is on file. If you are ready to enroll in the program please fill out the application on the main page.

Please remember that because these courses are now regularly scheduled Wilmington University courses the offerings may fill up quickly. Please try to get all of your documents to us in a timely manner.