Early College Textbook Information

When can I purchase my Textbooks?

Textbooks are available for purchase two weeks before the start of classes. Textbooks should only be purchased for the current semester as textbooks may change between semesters. Textbooks are available at the campuses at which the class is being taught or online. You can order your books from an outside vendor, just make sure you are getting the correct edition of the book.

How do I rent a textbook?

Many of the textbooks sold at the Campus Store are available for rent. Textbooks can be rented online or at the New Castle, Wilson Graduate Center, and Dover Campus Stores. Rented textbooks must be returned at the end of the semester for which they were rented. You will receive email notification of your rental due date and it will be on your receipt. Rental textbooks must be returned in good condition. Light writing and highlighting is acceptable, but returns will not be accepted for books that have water damage or excessive wear. The Campus Store reserves the right to make final judgments on all returns. If you do not return the rental book before the due date, you will be charged the difference between the rental price and the buying price, which you can pay at the Student Payment office. All information regarding rental return dates will be done through the email provided please provide the Campus Store with an email that is checked.

What is a Student Value Edition?

Student Value Editions (SVE), also commonly called "loose-leaf" textbooks, are offered for many classes. They are identical to traditional textbooks in every way except that they are three-hole punched loose sheets ready to be put in a binder instead of being bound like a traditional textbook. By not paying for binding, we are able to offer student value edition textbooks at a lower price than a traditional textbook.

What is an E-Book?

Electronic Books (E-Books) are electronic versions of a textbook. They contain the same information as a regular textbook. You get an electronic copy that is viewable on most computers instead of having a traditional textbook. E-Books offer the advantage of lower cost and the flexibility of being able to view your textbook on almost any computer that is connected to the internet. E-Books are available both in-store and online.

What is an Etext Access Card?
Etext Access Cards are another way to access electronic versions of your textbooks. They are physical cards with access codes on them that allow you to view your textbook online along with additional materials. Etext Access Cards are an affordable alternative to traditional textbooks. If ordering an Etext Access Card online, please allow for normal shipping times.

Contact Support

Contact the Bookstore via email at bookstoreorders@wilmu.edu or call our customer service department at 302-356-6769.