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Wilmington University has over 15,000 students and 40 percent of them are graduate students.

Graduate Students

Earn the credentials you need to advance your career. Wilmington University graduate programs are designed with the working professional in mind. You’ll gain practical, hands-on experience in your field, while having the flexibility you need to have a career and maintain all your other commitments while in school.

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Graduate Admissions Process

Career-Focused Degree Programs

Pracitioner faculty use hands-on teaching methods to help you build the skills you need for career advancement. Learn more.

Flexible Schedules

Customize your course schedule with courses available in seven-week blocks, weekend modular, online and more. Whatever your scheduling needs, there's a flexible course format available to accommodate it.

Career and Networking Opportunities

Career Services at WilmU

All WilmU students and alumni have access to our free career services to help you find a job or advance in your current career. Learn more about WilmU Career Services.

WilmU at Work

Join a network of over 33,000 alumni who are already working in the field, at local and global organizations. WilmU alumni know the value of your education, and they know the importance of getting your foot in the door. Connect with WilmU alumni today.