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320 N. DuPont Highway
New Castle, DE 19720

See the difference at Wilmington University.

Wilmington University is a fully-accredited, private, non-profit university that offers flexible and career-oriented undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degree programs. We are committed to excellence in teaching, relevancy of the curriculum, and individual attention to students.

At Wilmington University, students have the opportunity to pursue a career and become a leader. It’s not just about meeting your potential, it’s about exceeding it. Our programs emphasize in-demand skills that employers need, and students benefit from low tuition, flexible course formats, and convenient locations.

Personalized Education

Discover the many ways WilmU fits your life, with flexible schedule, convenient locations, and online options. Learn more.

Affordable Tuition

You shouldn't have to break the bank to earn your degree and work toward a bright future. Learn more.

Career-Focused Degree Programs

Pracitioner faculty use hands-on teaching methods to help you build the skills you need for career advancement. Learn more.

Learn Anywhere, On Your Time.

Our 100% online programs combine the same quality, real-world academics with the convenience to learn wherever—and whenever—it’s most convenient to you. Learn more.

Events, Information Sessions, and Tours

Experience WilmU for yourself and talk with our faculty & staff about what we can do for you. Learn more.