Adult Gerontology Nurse Practitioner

Adult/ Gerontology Nurse Practitioner

30 credits/ 500 clinical hours

MSN 6603 Advanced Physiology/Pathophysiology

MSN 7702 Advanced Adult Health Assessment

MSN 7709 Advanced Geriatric Assessment and Health Promotion

MSN 7703 Advanced Pharmacology

MSN 7705 Primary Care II: Acute and Chronic Care of Adults

MSN 7707 Primary Care III: Gender Health Issues

MSN 7708 Primary Care IV: Acute and Chronic Care of Geriatrics

MSN 8104 Certificate Adult/Gerontology Practicum I

MSN 8204 Certificate Adult/Gerontology Practicum II

MSN 8304 Certificate Adult/Gerontology Practicum III

MSN 6603, MSN 7703: May be accepted as transfer credits

MSN 8104: May be accepted as Prior Learning Assessment