Future Online Students


Is Online Learning Right for Me?

Online courses require more dedication and time-management skills than traditional classroom learning.

Online Course Orientation

This interactive orientation provides a “how-to” for taking online courses at Wilmington University and for using Canvas in other course formats.  Use this training to become comfortable and competent with the tools that are commonly used in our online Canvas courses. It also briefly touches on hardware and software requirements, and where students should go for technology support. The entire training can be completed in 10 - 15 minutes. It does this by providing on-screen prompts that will show users exactly where to click. This orientation is a virtual simulation that provides users with an interactive step-by-step demonstration.

Math and English
Skills Assessment

Learn about completing the Math and English skills assessment online.

Student Testimonials

We asked our students what they liked most about online learning. Check out testimonials from our students currently taking online classes.

Mission Statement

Read the mission statement of the Online Learning department.


Online Services for Students

Canvas Resources

Learn and get help with Canvas, our online course delivery software.

Technology Resources

Get help using and purchasing technology at Wilmington University.

Online Navigator

The Online Student Navigator is ready to guide students taking online classes.

Online Tutoring

Wilmington University offers free Online Tutoring provided by the company Smarthinking. Now you can get questions answered, help with problems, and a reply from a tutor from the comfort of your own home.

Meet the Staff

Meet the members of the Online Learning and Educational Technology team.