Human Subjects Review

Collection of Materials

  1. Read This First

    Any proposal for research by Wilmington University students, faculty, or staff involving human subjects must be reviewed by the Wilmington University Human Subjects Review Committee.

    Read the guidelines (below) and prepare the consent forms (as necessary) according to the documents addressing consent forms (also listed below). Remember to check within your own discipline for any additional guidelines with regard to ethical research.

    If you have any questions, contact the Humans Subjects Review Committee at

  2. Human Subjects Review Policies and Procedures PDF File (63KB)

    Overview of Human subjects review process.

  3. Online Tutorial for Human Subject Participation

    The link included below will take you to the National Cancer Institute’s online tutorial for human participant protections education for research.

  4. Human Subjects Review Form Word Doc File (130KB)

    Contains the major form required for submission of proposals for research with human subjects. Proposals must be complete, including specified attachments, in order to be evaluated.

  5. Video on How to Fill Out the Human Subjects Review Form

    This video demonstrates an example of filling out the Human Subjects Review Form. Please make sure that you provide enough information so that a reviewer would be able to understand the value of your research and the ways you will ensure that the rights of human subjects are being protected.

  6. Informed Consent, Assent, and Implied Consent Guidelines Word Doc File (11KB)

    This document contains the following:

    • Informed consent form checklist for adults
    • Overview of parental consent and child assent forms
    • Wilmington University parental consent form outline
    • Wilmington University assent form outline
    • Sample invitation for a short, no risk, anonymous survey with implied consent
  7. Conducting Research at Wilmington University if You are Not a Student Word Doc File (14KB)
  8. This document describes the procedure to be followed by a person who would like to conduct research involving Wilmington University students, personnel, or the organization, but who is not a Wilmington University student.

  9. Additional Resources