Wilmington University Web Site

.NET Migration 12/12/2008

On December 12, 2008, Wilmington University will be updating all of our web pages to new file names so that we may take full advantage of the power of Microsoft's .NET web server technology.

This change will not affect Wilmington University's web URL or domain name http://www.wilmu.edu. You can continue to visit the University's web site as you normally would, and you should not experience any unavailability of our web site during this time.

Update Your Bookmarks/Favorites

If you or anyone you have business relationships with are referencing specific pages or areas of our web site, either in your Bookmarks/Favorites or otherwise, you will need to replace those references with new references after December 12.

We advise you to simply navigate to the page on our web site you're referencing after December 12 and re-create your bookmark/favorite.

If you or your business partners have important references to multiple specific pages on our web site, in most cases, you could update those references by changing the file extensions from ".htm" or ".html" to ".aspx". However, we cannot guarantee the availablility of any specific filenames after the transition.

Please feel free to send any questions or concerns about this change to webmaster@wilmu.edu.