Student Response System

What is a Student Response System?

SRS, also know as Audience Response System or “Clickers”, provide the ability to gather and display instant, simultaneous feedback from your entire class by allowing each student to respond to questions or surveys embedded in your presentations using small handheld device right from their seat.

Why would I use an SRS?

  • SRS adds an attention-getting, engaging experience to your instructional delivery.
  • SRS encourages student participation to provide a more active learning experience.
  • SRS can provide instructors and students with instant feedback about comprehension of course content.
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How does it work?

The SRS software, TurningPoint®, adds features to Microsoft PowerPoint® to allow you to easily embed interactive survey/question slides into your new or existing presentation. Using the instructor's/presenter's computer with a special plug-and-play receiver and classroom projection system, you then present your PowerPoint show as you normally would. When a slide with an interactive survey appears, students click a button on their Student Response Card (clicker) from their seat. When all responses are received, you display the class responses in on a chart. You can also, as the instructor, view and save each individual response (you can even identify individual students by name with the correct setup).

The complete system includes:

  • 1 USB mini receiver for the instructor/presenter's computer.
  • 30 student response cards
  • 1 software CD (AV Support will install the software for you)
  • QuickStart instruction card
  • Carrying case

How do I get started?

  1. Learn to use the SRS.
  2. Request the SRS by completing the online Classroom Technology Equipment Request.
  3. Classroom Technology will contact you with additional information and procedures for using the SRS.

Where can I learn how to use the SRS?

The manufacturer of the SRS, Turning Technologies, provides extensive free training materials, tutorials, and videos on their web site to help you learn independently. Get started online now…

Very soon, WU will offer in-person workshops as well. Please check back for when these workshops will be offered.

How will students get a response card?

When you request the use of the SRS, the entire system will be delivered to your classroom, including 30 student response cards. You will distribute them to your students at the beginning of your class and collect them at the end of class.

How many students can participate?

Each system includes 30 response cards, allowing up to 30 participants to respond to your survey questions.

Do I have to do all the setup while I'm in the classroom?

No. You can download the software and use it for free on any computer to setup your presentations. Be sure to choose the latest version of the software. The software provides tool to simulate student responses so you can test your questions without having the students or clickers present. Download the software now…

Will all WU instructor's computers have the software installed?

Not necessarily. When you request to use the SRS, AV Support will install the full, licensed version of the software on the computer in your classroom or on the laptop that will be delivered to you if there is no computer in the classroom.

Can I use my own laptop to present the slideshow with TurningPoint survey questions?

You can download the software and use it for free on any computer. Educators, presentation developers and software evaluators can download any Turning Point products for complimentary development use on their own laptop. All features are fully enabled to allow the development of interactive presentations. All instructor stations on campus have the TurningPoint Software installed. Save your PowerPoint file; post the file in Blackboard or bring it to campus on a flash drive. On campus using the instructor computer, plug in the USB receiver from the Clicker case, launch the TurningPoint software first and then open your file for surveying and polling.

What University locations have the SRS?

Please see the Equipment Available page for details on which University locations have an SRS available.

Get much more information about the SRS on the Web…

TurningPoint Student Response System