Blackboard Frequently Asked Questions for Instructors

What is my login ID and password?

Your Blackboard login is the same as your WebCampus login (given upon completion of Faculty Orientation). The Faculty Development and Support Office provides your login credentials. It is recommended that you change your password when you log on to WebCampus for the first time. See next question below for instructions.

  1. Log in to WebCampus at
  2. In the WebCampus menu, click "Blackboard (Bb)"
  3. The Wilmington University Blackboard start page will appear.
  4. Look for the My Courses box on the right side of the Wilmington University page.
  5. Click the link for the course you want to access.

How do I set up my course on Blackboard?

If you are new to Blackboard, Click on the course Blackboard Training and Support in your My Courses list under the heading Courses in which you are enrolled. This course site contains self-paced training and tutorials to help you get started setting up your course site in Blackboard.

If you would prefer to attend an in-person training session, You can attend the in-person training Blackboard Basics. These sessions are offered frequently by the Educational Technology Training Center. For times and dates of Blackboard Basics, see the Educational Technology Training Schedule.

When will my Blackboard course site be created?

Blackboard course sites are created approximately 8 weeks for prior to the start of each semester for all courses offered for that semester. Faculty members do not need to separately request that their course site be created. See Semester Procedures for more information.

How will my course be displayed in Blackboard?

Course naming will follow the same convention used in the course offerings.

Course ID: ENG.101..SED01.FA2014
Course Name: Fall 2014 English Composition I

How will students be enrolled in or dropped from my Blackboard class?

Students will be automatically enrolled in or dropped from your Blackboard class within 12 hours of registering for or dropping your course. You do not need to add or drop students individually or request that they be enrolled or dropped.

What login IDs and passwords will my students have?

See the Blackboard Student Login instructions.

What happens at the end of the semester?

See Semester Procedures for more information.

How long will my course and course content be on Blackboard?

Courses will stay on Blackboard for 3 semesters, so a course taught in Fall will not be removed from the system until after following Fall semester begins. Instructors will receive an email notification of the specific removal date giving them time to archive their course before the course is permanently removed from the system. See Semester Procedures for more information.

I only teach in the Spring/Fall semester of each year. How do I save my course for later use?

As the Instructor, you have the responsibility to Export the course material at the end of each semester. Exporting is a process for saving course content for reuse. This export will be stored on your computer's hard drive, and from there burned to a CD or other storage media. You can export specific parts or your entire course.

How can I have a course removed that is less than 1 year old?

Courses will not be removed on a course by course basis; they will be automatically removed 14 months after the start date of the course. Please export your course to back it up. You can choose not to display course titles in your "My Courses" list in Blackboard after the course is completed. Here's how to hide a course from your "My Courses list…

How can I get help with Blackboard?

For technical support and self-paced tutorials, visit our Support Center. Blackboard help is available online and by phone.

For in-person training classes and one-on-one Blackboard training opportunities, visit the Educational Technology Training Center.