Using Blackboard at WU

Instructions for Faculty

  1. Get your WebCampus/Blackboard username and password.

    All faculty members are given Blackboard account information (same as WebCampus account information) at the time they complete Faculty Orientation. The Faculty Development and Support Office provides your login credentials.

  2. Complete Blackboard training.

    Attend one in person or complete the training online as soon as possible. We highly encourage all instructors to become Blackboard savvy. Blackboard training is essential to understand tools and features that can make course management a breeze. As a faculty member you are automatically enrolled in the “Blackboard Training & Support” course that can be found on your Blackboard course listing. You will find this course under the “courses where you are a student”.

  3. Set up your Blackboard course site.

    When your course site is created for the upcoming term, add your course content (Add faculty contact information, syllabus, and a course announcement). You'll learn how during the "Blackboard Basics" training.

  4. Get help when you need it.

    Wilmington University offers online and telephone technical support for Blackboard at There you can contact support and find a how-to's and self-paced tutorials for using Blackboard as a faculty member.

  5. Learn about the Blackboard course site creation and removal schedule.

    Blackboard course sites are created and removed by the Blackboard Administrator on a regular schedule. See Semester Procedures for more information. Because course sites don't remain on Blackboard indefinitely, you must export your course once it's complete if you'll want to any part of if later.