Blackboard Special Access Request

This request form is for use only by Wilmington University for the following:

  • Faculty members can request a guest account for a non-University presenter or guest speaker (equivalent to student access)
  • Faculty members can request that another instructor be added to their course as a teaching assistant (Caution: Teaching Assistants will have full access to the control panel of your course). Team-taught course instructors do not need to make the request, both instructors will be added automatically to the course as instructors.
  • Administrative staff can request a Blackboard account if they need access to specific courses or resources in Blackboard (administrative staff are not automatically issued Blackboard accounts).
  • Faculty members do not need to request their own account. See Instructor Blackboard Procedures.
  • Students do not need to request their own account.

Requests will be confirmed by the Blackboard Administrator.

All information below is required.

Requestor's Information


Requested Account Information

(if already a user)

Course Access Required

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