Blackboard & WU E-mail

Wilmington University has updated all student and faculty Blackboard accounts with their Wilmington University e-mail address. Any e-mail address you may have previously entered into Blackboard's "Personal Information" has been replaced with your Wilmington University e-mail address. Students and faculty members will no longer have the option to use a different e-mail address with Blackboard.

Why is Wilmington University doing this?

As the University moves forward to embrace and enhance electronic communications for our community, it is increasingly important to ensure that students, faculty members, and staff have consistent and reliable means of electronic communication. Because Blackboard is such a widely used communication and collaboration tool, it is imperative that system contains a valid and reliable e-mail address for all users. The pairing of Blackboard and Wilmington University e-mail serves to strengthen and increase usage for both systems.

What Blackboard activities will this affect?

Send E-mail

  • E-mail messages sent using Send E-mail (Control Panel for instructors or Communication Tool for students) will be addressed from your WU e-mail address.
  • E-mail messages sent using Send E-mail will be delivered to the WU e-mail address of the users selected to receive the message.

Discussion Board

  • If you subscribe to discussion threads for your class, notification of new discussion threads will be delivered to your WU e-mail address.

Blackboard System announcements

  • Important messages sent from the System Administrator regarding Blackboard system down-time and system upgrades will be delivered to your WU e-mail address.

How do I get my Wilmington University e-mail?