Employer Information

Employer Benefits

Cooperative Education provides a source of well-qualified, pre-screened, highly motivated employees. Candidates are readily available from a conscientiously administered, University-based program which is well-designed, reliable, and fully-tested.

Co-op can help employers to:

  • Cut recruitment costs,
  • provide for both short-term and long-term employment needs,
  • locate highly motivated college-educated students who can be immediately productive,
  • relieve high salaried professionals from time-consuming tasks that provide excellent learning experiences for students,
  • observe the potential and performance of possible future employees without an obligation to hire,
  • train future employees to specific needs,
  • develop a staff which has a proven job retention rate.

What Are the Employer’s Responsibilities?

  • Advise the Office of Work-Integrated Learning of your hiring decision.
  • Host the students’ faculty advisor(s) and the Co-op office for a site visit.
  • Contact the Office of Work-Integrated Learning or faculty supervisor if any problems develop during the semester.
  • Complete the Employer Evaluation Form that will be e-mailed to you during the last third of the semester.

When Can Students Work?

  • Student work cycles coincide with our semesters and last approximately 15 weeks:
    • FALL: September to December
    • SPRING: January to April
    • SUMMER: May to August
  • There is flexibility in beginning and end dates. Employers may request that students commit to back-to-back cycles or positions can be extended if there are increased responsibilities and it is agreeable to all parties.
  • Co-Op experiences are individually designed, but are typically at least two semesters with the same employer to maximize the opportunity for advanced application of the knowledge and skills learned in the classroom.  Students will have the opportunity to complete 10-15 hours of work experience per week resulting in approximately 400-600 total hours and may include additional faculty assigned work. Students are also able to obtain full-time Co-Op positions, providing the opportunity to complete 35-40 hours of work experience per week. Co-Op experiences are cultivated by both the Wilmington University Office of Work-Integrated Learning and students.  Opportunities developed by students need approval from the Office of Work-Integrated Learning before credit can be awarded.  An approved Co-Op experience will substitute for a required internship in a student’s major.

How Do Employers Get Started?

  • When approved as academically viable, the job is advertised to students.
    Please note: We are not able to accept Co-op opportunities with home-based businesses/organizations. If you require any further clarification of this policy, please contact our office directly.
  • As students indicate interest in your position their resumes are emailed to you from the Office of Work-Integrated Learning.
  • Screen, interview and hire as you would any new employee.
  • Need help? Call (302) 356-6820.

What Will Employers Do During the Co-op?

During the course of the semester, help the student meet their academic requirements:

  1. Complete the Employer Evaluation form Wilmington University provides. You may review it with the student, but you are not obligated to do so.
  2. Meet with the student’s faculty advisor at least once during the semester when applicable.
  3. You may evaluate a co-op student using your own employee evaluation methods.