Course Descriptions


DRA 105
Introduction to the Theater
3 credits

This all-encompassing course will introduce students to the various aspects of theater production. Topics include acting, directing, producing, and writing.

DRA 110
Acting I
3 credits

This introductory course will examine the purpose and underlying principles of acting, including the role of voice and body training in the projection of accurate characterization in dramatic productions.

DRA 111
Acting II
3 credits

This course is a continuation of DRA 110, Acting I. It will further explore voice and body training, presentation techniques, and also introduce students to improvisational methods used to enhance acting skills.

Prerequisite(s): DRA 110

DRA 120
Introduction to Directing
3 credits

This course presents students with an overview of the directing process and different styles of directing, giving them varied experience in both directing and training actors.

Prerequisite(s): DRA 110

DRA 140
Origins and Early Forms of Theater
3 credits

This course will survey the development of the theater from its beginning to the present day. Dramatic trends through the years will also be examined.

DRA 200
3 credits

Students will learn the principles of playwriting by writing short plays that will be performed by students in the acting and performance courses.

DRA 220
3 credits

This is the capstone course in the drama minor. Students will apply skills learned in previous courses in a theatrical production.

Prerequisite(s): DRA 110, DRA 111, DRA 120, and another DRA course to complete the Drama minor

DRA 230
Introduction to Scene Design
3 credits

This introductory course covers the theory and practice of theatric design. Students will learn to analyze scripts to identify scenery needs and how to effectively sketch designs that will translate into actual sets.

DRA 307
The Performing Arts
3 credits

This course is an introduction to all disciplines of performing arts, with special emphasis on the arts in Delaware. Attendance at a variety of performing arts events and reviews and critiques of these programs are an essential part of the course.

DRA 330
Modern Theater
3 credits

This course gives students a thorough understanding of the intricacies of play production, including the interacting roles of the dramatist, actor, and backstage worker. Also included is a brief history and discussion of the changing theater from 1930 to the present.