Course Descriptions

Sports Management

MSP 7500
Business Strategy in Sports Management
3 credits

The sports industry is one of the largest industries in the world, generating billions of dollars annually. To be successful in the sport industry, it is important to have an understanding of various management practices as applied to the sport industry. The course will focus on the strategic challenges sports firms must address to compete in the global economy. In addition to discussing management practices and techniques, this course will examine various aspects of the sports industry, such as professional sports, collegiate sports, recreational and Olympic sport, scholarships given for athletics, and the global sport industry segments.

MSP 7501
Sports Ethics and Leadership
3 credits

The course will explore the major ethical issues in sport management. The class will provide students with an overview of the development of ethical standards applied to sport, including the concepts of fair play, sportsmanship and character development. The class will also examine contemporary issues in sport and the associated leadership success and failures.

MSP 7502
Sports Economics and Finance
3 credits

This course will examine financial and economic measurements used in the sports industry. Topics will include government or public financing, sponsorships, naming rights and television rights. Evaluation of finance options in the profit and non-profit sector. Research and discussion on the problems and issues of the economics and labor impact of sports on the economy will be highlighted.

MSP 7503
Sports Management Graduate Internship
3 credits

The graduate internship utilizes a field of placement with an emphasis on acquisition and application of practical skills in a project based environment. One hundred and eighty hours are required in either a 7-week or in a 15-week period. The student will be supervised by an University internship coordinator and an agency designated supervisor.

MSP 7504
Sports Law Governance and Compliance
3 credits

This course concentrates on the areas of sports law, sports governance and sports compliance issues required of sports administrators. The legal aspects covered in the course include tort law, anti-trust legislation, Title IX and disability laws, and risk management and the impact on sports. Governance and compliance deals with the administrative function necessary to assist in sports management and includes: constitutional items, incorporation, roles of the various staff and committee positions in addition to developing policies.

MSP 7506
Sports Service and Event Marketing
3 credits

Because of the unique atmosphere of sports, the marketing of sports varies greatly from traditional marketing. This course examines the application of marketing as it applies to sports service marketing, public relations, and recreation. The use of case study experiences and traditional course work will be utilized in this course. A segment of the course includes the organization of fundraising.

MSP 7507
Recreation, Event and Tourism
3 credits

The course will uncover the keys to business success in the commercial recreation, event and tourism sector. The class will provide a practical overview of the business planning process, industry specific concepts and content including multinational recreation, sustainability, entrepreneurial and operations management perspectives of the RET industry.