Course Descriptions

Religious Studies

REL 301
Biblical Studies
3 credits

This course presents the Bible as historical literature through which the roots of the Judeo-Christian world view are traced. Using a biblical perspective, social issues such as the origin of racism, sexism, and other contemporary issues are discussed and analyzed.

REL 305
Religion in America Today
3 credits

The United States was founded on ideals which include the dual concepts of religious freedom and religious tolerance. Yet, many religious beliefs and practices in this country are misunderstood and the actual degree of diversity is underestimated. At times, tension between religious freedom and religious tolerance has been the cause of unrest – even violence. This course is designed to increase religious literacy as a means of understanding the diversity of world views, beliefs, and practices of those with whom we coexist. Content will include an overview of religion in the United States from colonial times to the present, with an emphasis on contemporary issues and current events.

REL 306
Comparative Religion
3 credits

This course is a survey of the major world religions and their relationship to the broad cultural settings in which each impact. This course also helps to promote awareness and appreciation of the diversity of religious thought and helps students going into the "working world" to develop spiritual sensitivity in their professions. Also, a development of a broader perspective helps strengthen relationships with the diverse culture of today’s society.