Meet the College of Arts and Sciences

Associate Professor

Ed.D., Wilmington College

M.Ed., Wilmington College

B.S., Delaware State University

Diane M. Bansbach

Chair, Math Department

Phone: (302) 356-6840

Assistant Professor

M.A., Villanova University

John D. Burbage

Chair, Science Department

Phone: (302) 356-6835

Associate Professor

Ph.D., University of Delaware

B.S., Salisbury University

Janice K. Colvin

Chair, Communications and Liberal Studies Degree Programs

Phone: (302) 356-6728

Assistant Professor

M.A., American University

B.S., University of Maryland

A.A., Prince George's Community College

Katherine B. Cottle

Chair, Literature & Humanities

Phone: (302) 356-6841

Assistant Professor

M.A., Howard University

B.A., University of Delaware

Niecy M. Lebright Roberts

Regional Chair, Dover - College of Arts and Sciences

Phone: (302) 342-8632

Assistant Professor

M.S., Wilmington College

B.S., Wilmington College

Lynn W. Moore

Regional Chair, Georgetown & Chair of History

Phone: (302) 856-5780

Assistant Professor

M.A., Salisbury University

B.A., Salisbury University

A.A., University of Delaware

Danny J. Walker

Chair, Philosophy and Arts

Phone: (302) 356-2028

Assistant Professor

M.A., Abilene Christian University

B.A., Harding University

Matthew E. Whelihan

Chair, English Department

Phone: (302) 356-6850

Assistant Professor

M.A., Villanova University

Matthew J. Wilson

Chair, First Year Experience & English as a Second Language

Phone: (302) 356-6970

Assistant Professor

M.S., Lubbock Christian University

Associate Professor

Ed.D., Temple University

M.S., University of Evansville

B.S., Ohio State University

Adjunct Faculty

M.Ed., Wilmington University

B.A., University of Delaware