Meet the College of Arts and Sciences

Associate Professor

Ed.D., Wilmington College

M.Ed., Wilmington College

B.S., Delaware State University

Diane M. Bansbach

Chair, Math Department


Assistant Professor

M.A., Villanova University

John D. Burbage

Chair, Science Department

Phone: (302) 356-6835

Associate Professor

Ph.D., University of Delaware

B.S., Salisbury University

Janice K. Colvin

Chair, Communications and Liberal Studies Degree Programs

Phone: (3-2) 356-6728

Assistant Professor

M.A., American University

B.S., University of Maryland

A.A., Prince George's Community College

Katherine B. Cottle

Chair, Literature & Humanities

Phone: (302) 356-6841

Assistant Professor

M.A., Howard University

B.A., University of Delaware

Niecy M. LeBright

Regional Chair, Dover - College of Arts and Sciences

Phone: (302) 342-8632

Assistant Professor

M.S., Wilmington College

B.S., Wilmington College

Lynn W. Moore

Regional Chair, Georgetown & Chair of History

Phone: (302) 856-5780

Assistant Professor

M.A., Salisbury University

B.A., Salisbury University

A.A., University of Delaware

Danny J. Walker

Chair, Philosophy and Arts

Phone: (302) 356-2028

Assistant Professor

M.A., Abilene Christian University

B.A., Harding University

Matthew E. Whelihan

Chair, English Department

Phone: (302) 356-6850

Assistant Professor

M.A., Villanova University

Matthew J. Wilson

Chair, First Year Experience & English as a Second Language

Phone: (302) 356-6970

Assistant Professor

M.S., Lubbock Christian University

Associate Professor

Ed.D., Temple University

M.S., University of Evansville

B.S., Ohio State University

Adjunct Faculty

M.Ed., Wilmington University

B.A., University of Delaware