New Features of Microsoft 2010

Getting Started with Office 2010

The Office 2010 Getting started site has tools and quick information to get you going quickly. For a visual demo of the new features, check out this library of videos.

Below are just a few of the great new features that are in Microsoft 2010.


  • The Office Button has a new look. It has been replaced with a menu button, File Tab  that leads to a full-window file menu, known as Backstage View, giving easy access to task-centered functions such as printing and sharing.
  • Backstage  has tons of information and actions regarding a specific document. You see pertinent document information down the right hand side topped with a thumbnail of the document itself.
  • Ribbon customization is available in all applications, and allows you to create a personalized Ribbon optimized to the way you work with the application.
  • Print and Print Preview has been significantly improved. The new print menu will allow you to change the print settings as well as see the print preview in the same window.


  • Quick Steps  You can create a sequence of commands and apply them to any Outlook item with one click.
  • Contact Cards (Article) will show contacts’ and users’ presence, meeting and contact options and other pertinent information when you move the cursor over an email sender’s name.
  • Social Connector provides social networking that will be available in your inbox. The pane at the bottom of the screen shows a person’s image, along with thumbnails of others on the e-mail string. From that view you can view attachments from a single sender and review e-mail exchanges.

PowerPoint, Word, Excel

  • Background Removal Tool removes the background of any image and is found in Word as well.
  • Built-in Screen Capture Tool to take screenshots of any minimized application on your taskbar.
  • Artistic Effects  can be applied, similar to those available in editing programs, such as Photoshop. You even get a thumbnail preview of what the effect will look like when applied to your picture.


  • Navigation Pane This pane hosts a set of related features for getting around in your document, searching for content, and manipulating the structure and organization of headings. Basically, this task pane replaces and improves upon the old "Document Map" and "Thumbnails" panes.
  • Enhanced Security (Article) Word detects that you are opening a document from the Internet and it will open the file in protected mode. If you trust the file and want to edit it, you can do that with one click.


  • Sparklines  are small charts that can be shown inside a cell and are linked to data in other cells.
  • Slicers  are like visual filters and are an easy way to slice and dice a pivot table.


  • Access is shipped with new features such as web based databases, Application parts, Quick start fields, conditional formatting and Navigation form controls.