Rubrics Tool in Blackboard

Rubrics Tool- The Best Tool to Use When Grading!

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The Rubric tool in Blackboard lists evaluation criteria which can be attached to Assignments, Discussion Board, Essay, Short Answer and File Response Test Questions, Wiki entries, Journal entries, Blog entries and Grade Center Grade Columns.

Rubric Tool in Blackboard

Instructor Benefits

  1. Rubrics empower educators to provide consistent evaluation and higher quality feedback to students.
  2. Rubrics are built right into the grading workflow with click and score simplicity.
  3. Grading with rubrics saves time.
  4. Rubric grading in Blackboard is paperless grading! To grade student's work, the instructor views student's attempt and scores right on the rubric.
  5. Rubrics clarify scoring and provide consistency in grading.
  6. Rubrics can be tied to course objectives or program objectives.
  7. Rubrics can be shared amongst instructors who teach the same course, or amongst Colleges at Wilmington University.. Rubrics can be exported from one course, and then imported to other courses.

Student Benefits

  1. Rubrics improve student's understanding of assignments and can serve as a basis of criteria in which to follow.
  2. Once the rubric is made available to students, students can view the rubric right inside the Assignment area.
  3. After completing the assignment, students can view the grid to better understand how they met the level of achievement for each criteria.


How Do You Use the Rubrics Tool in Blackboard?

Rubrics must be created inside Blackboard using the Blackboard Rubric tool. The Rubric tool does not import MSWord documents with rubrics already created, however content from documents can be easily copied and pasted in criteria cells on the Rubric grid.

Rubrics can be created before, during or after a corresponding gradable item. If you have an existing course, a rubric can be created and linked to an assignment or column.

Video and Handouts

1. Create a Rubric 
2. Creat, Edit, and Copy Rubrics
3. Associate a Rubric - Link a Rubric to Course Content 
4. Grading with Rubrics 
5. Share Rubrics
6. Run a Rubric Evaluation Report

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