Clinical Studies for Education Programs

Frequently Asked Questions for Student Teaching

When must I apply to student teach?

If you plan to student teach in the spring, applications are due by August 1 (of the preceding semester).  If you plan to student teach in the fall, the application is due by February 1 of the preceding spring semester.

Where do I access the application?

Applications are submitted electronically through TaskStream. Paper applications are no longer accepted. 

Do I have to pass Praxis II before I start student teaching? I started the program in 2005 so I heard we were “grandfathered”?

All students need to pass Praxis II before they apply for student teaching. There is no grandfathering for this requirement.

Do I have to attach a copy of my ETS score reports for Praxis I and II, even though I know the University already has my scores?

Yes, you are to attach a copy of the complete ETS score report – not just the first page.  Attaching the scores expedites the processing of your application. If an application is received without the scores attached, the scores must be researched, a copy made and then attached to the application.  This slows down the processing of the application.

Are Criminal Background Checks required?

Yes.  Criminal Background Checks and a review of the Child Protection Registry are required for all, Wilmington University teacher interns.  This is a state requirement and applies regardless of whether you are placed in Delaware or outside of the state. Additional information regarding this requirement can be found on TaskStream. 

The results of my Tuberculin test were positive. Does this mean that I cannot participate in clinical experiences in the schools?

You can participate in clinical experiences in the schools; however, you will need to get documentation from your health care provider indicating that while you have a positive Tuberculin test, you do not have an active case of the disease.

I know a teacher who said that she would love to have me as a student teacher. Can I be assigned to her for student teaching?

Student teachers are not allowed to initiate or make their own placements without the express permission of the Clinical Studies Chair. While you may indicate on your application a preference for placement, it is your Chair’s responsibility to utilize his/her knowledge and experience to obtain an appropriate placement for you.  Also, please be aware that student teachers will not be placed in a school where a member of the immediate family is currently employed.

When do I start student teaching?

You start school at the same time as your assigned school begins for the school year if student teaching in the Fall Semester and the day that the school re-opens after the winter break if you are student teaching in a Spring Semester. You are not attending based on the class schedule for Wilmington University. All students are encouraged to contact their assigned placement school as soon as possible after you are notified of your placement to find out when to report for your student teaching experience. You should meet or speak with your Cooperating Teacher ahead of time to introduce yourself and to discuss classroom procedures. At this time you can confirm your start date.

I have a job after school. Will student teaching interfere with my job?

Student teaching should be your first priority. Student teachers are strongly encouraged not to try to work during student teaching or take other courses, unless those courses are a required part of the clinical experience for your program.  Student teaching is a full-time job.  Keep in mind that in addition to being prepared for each day, you are required to attend weekly seminars with your University Supervisor as well as faculty meetings and other after-school or evening meetings required of the regular placement school staff.  So, with the addition of planning time, required seminars and after school meetings student teaching is more than a full-time job, it’s time and a half!. Students who feel they absolutely must work should limit employment to weekends (Friday nights, Saturdays and Sunday afternoons) and holidays.

I am scheduled to begin student teaching in two weeks, but I was just offered a teaching position. Can I accept the job and have that count as my student teaching?

All students who wish to receive university credit for student teaching must register for the course and complete the experience under the supervision of a cooperating teacher in the classroom and a university supervisor. Students who opt to accept teaching positions prior to student teaching may be able to use that position for their placement if the position meets the requirements for their program.  This is called a Concurrent Placement.  Concurrent Placements must be approved by the Clinical Studies Chair prior to registering for student teaching.  Questions regarding the appropriateness of the position for a placement should be discussed with the Clinical Studies Chair.  The application forms for a Concurrent Placement are a part of the Student Teaching Application and should be submitted with the application or as soon as possible once a position is offered.

I’m in a wedding during student teaching. In order to attend the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, I need to be absent from student teaching on Thursday and Friday. Can I be absent from student teaching?

The student teacher has the same responsibilities for reporting and attending, as does any employed teacher. Only absences due to illness or emergency will be excused. All absences from student teaching (including excused absences) must be made up prior to the final transition week of the experience. Any exceptions to this policy must be approved by the Clinical Studies Chair, Supervisor and Cooperating Teacher.

Can student teachers be substitute teachers?

All Wilmington University Student Teachers will be encouraged (but not required) to register as substitute teachers in their placement districts.   A Wilmington University Student Teacher may serve as an unpaid substitute teacher in the absence of the Cooperating Teacher, for short periods of time (part or all of 1-3 days) in certain circumstances. Following the satisfactory completion of 6 weeks in their clinical placements, Student Teachers who are properly registered as substitute teachers are permitted to serve as substitute teachers, with pay, for a total of 5 additional days. Requests for Student Teachers to substitute for more than the allotted 5 days must be discussed with the Cooperating Teacher, the University Supervisor, and the Clinical Studies Chair prior to the assignment.  In all situations where student teachers are being used as substitutes, the district will assume liability.  Student teachers are teachers in training and must not be used as substitute teachers on a regular basis.

This information applies to students who enter this degree program during the 2014-2015 Academic Year. If you entered this degree program before the Fall 2014 semester, please refer to the academic catalog for the year you began your degree program.